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austrotard wrote: Sat Apr 21, 2018 4:01 am I've never slept so much in my fucking life.

not even sick with jose.
crazy weed, this shit. gateway to heroines.
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What's the market like in austria these days... for the gateway to heroienes level sheit, seppo dollar equivalent per gram? Asking for a friend...
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By austrotard
it varies from free to next to nothing for our mover/shaker mtice.

but street is 3-400 and it's 70c sepps to the ossie ducat.

police don't look: send me some seeds. bc kush if you can swing it.
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I like the the mtice's style.

no can do on the bc, pure indi's are a dying breed. Hybrids are all the rage round here. trade me one a dem fancy Hardy's and ill take care of ya next time you visit jose.
By chadroc
here ya go princess. your dream bitch?


cypress hill song band of gypsies in solid rotation in my company car.
By fishskibum
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By -G-
Ya know, if you’d have asked me to imagine what FSB’s fly box looked like I’d have probably guessed a doobie or two betwix the flies and maybe a pots cookie in there for good measure as well

Terp jelly? I can’t even keep up with what you hippies are up to these days
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