kind of self-explanatory, right? We seem to have some impressive thread-wrappers that lurk around this board. let's try to keep your "first booger" posts at a minimum.
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By austrotard
whew. I was starting to think it was me.

strong arm tacticals next week.
that's right, tacticals.
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By yard4sale
Heero[CntRmbrPwd] wrote: Wed Aug 15, 2018 5:05 pm I will never Atlantic salmon fish again, but if I do it will be on still water.

So I will join if you are interested in classic lough flies for salmon fishing.
Why not? Is it a numbers thing?
I’d like to do it someday so anytime m curious as to why.
By Heero[CntRmbrPwd]
It’s certainly not a numbers thing as it’s as hit or miss, more miss, as river fishing.

I don’t live within driving distance to Atlantic salmon fishing any longer.

If I do find myself somewhere with Atlantic salmon, it’s most likely to be the British isles, Ireland hopefully, where salmon can be fished in loughs or lochs. I really enjoy bobbing around on a wooden lough boat casting and stripping teams of wets thru a wave. It’s a nice day.
By Heero[CntRmbrPwd]
And conversely I dislike sitting in a drift boat all day floating down a river. Dislikes is maybe a strong word, but I vastly prefer walk and wade to fishing from a drift boat. I also find myself enjoying still water trout fishing these days, alpine lakes especially.

Just boils down to personal prefeeence.
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By rampant
you and mitch should spend more time fishing together. It would be like two jews; someone always complaining about a good thing
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By austrotard
what is it about sepps that they think oireland is part of the british isles?

honestly. if it's past the end of your street you don't fucking know about it, hey.
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By austrotard
Note to xxxx
3no 6/0 noble ds 2no 7/0 noble ds 3no 6/0 noble s 2no 6/0xl H&B 2no 5/0xl noble s thank you very much
Sent to xxxx $201.00 USD
Fee$4.16 USD
Total$205.16 USD

that's like 300 ossie ducats.
a below average man's daily wage.
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By pbrstreetgang
austrotard wrote: Wed Aug 15, 2018 5:58 pm what is it about sepps that they think oireland is part of the british isles?
They (the dumb sepps, that is) also think Jesus is real, and that praying will change shit.

Everyone knows the Irish Free State will never be a part of england. Fucking unionists...

But I digress...where were we? Oh, that's right. Mitch is ghey
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By pbrstreetgang
fuck man - I have a lot on my plate right now. Adding six slips or featherwings to the mix is a huge ask...I'll check back in around October on this.
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