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By Riverview
It's easy to find the negative in anything- that's not a unique quality, no matter how you serve it up. Can you just quit whining about how everyone else is whining or should be whining when they're not. And this shouldn't even be a contested thread. Why do you care so much? It seems like you've got some great things in your life. Post about that.
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By austrotard
all this sugarcoated horseshit will lead cause to a celebrity head of state if you're not careful.
someone should amend that book that covers false idols before it's too late.

if you're quick you can still be seen gushing over at twitter.
there's truth in high (see: huge) numbers.

edit: who brought yoko.
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By root wad
Smitch, my dear old Dad, RIP, who gets smarter the older I get, once told me that when caught in a hole I should stop digging. Too bad the two of you never met.
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By austrotard
right. so now you're happy being told flowered horseshit. (but it's only a little horseshit, mitch. what harm is it?)
depends on the day I guess.
depends on who it is.
depends who's watching.

perhaps I can find another to fish with... someone whom I don't have to pledge some (horseshit) allegiance to.

r e s p e c t.

find out what it means when you're actually fucking looking at someone and pissing in their pocket.
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By fishskibum
ive found the best first step
to going fishes
is stfu and go
or keep cuttin bait
dog speed the queen
soul matters
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By austrotard
spoke to a black fella about this yesterday. he stopped me after the second sentence with 'no. that's not right'.
I said "I know."

and then we watched women's rugby trying to find a chick without bollocks.
such is life with mr. chawn and mr. clipf.
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By augustwest
She was prominent in the soundtrack of my childhood, she could make any song her own.

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By ...
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By austrotard
... wrote: Sun Aug 19, 2018 12:08 am 2017-01-27_23.01.39(2).jpg...
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By fatman
yeah, well, the ol' gal sure could sing....
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By CC Riebeeck
Yeah, two messages here
Those that can, will understand
Those that can’t (won’t), will never get it.

Step the folks from Acadie
Fathers never were (see phenomenology and grow up)

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