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By fallen513
Ive been drinking whiskey and tying choooobs since 9 am.
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By fallen513
Relates: I’ve only tied one.
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By fallen513
You’re a pud.
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By fallen513
Haha. Can’t wait to see all my friends.
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By west_jay
How far is this show from Canuckistan?

Asking for a friend, mind.
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By skullion childs
west_jay wrote: Mon Oct 22, 2018 8:41 am How far is this show from Canuckistan?

Asking for a friend, mind.
My house is about a mile from the bridge to Canada as the crow flies. If you haven't got a crow, it's 2.5 miles because that's how Buffalo roads go. Just ask CC.

In addition to the obvious attraction, there is the Grand River (and several others), about which I know nothing -- but BrentE or CC could tell you more. Bring your passport: the 'just-show-your-drivers-license-to-cross-the-border' days are long gone.
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By flashback
A little warning, the big creek has changed its channel in places, when it went from 800 to 11,000 recently. One access road is really difficult now, we'll be able to fill in info. I had a problem there, my usual spot changed from a not so steep drop to a sheer drop of about 8 feet or so, and by the time you see it it is very difficult to turn around.
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