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By mendthatshit87
Not sure if this has been discussed yet.

Looks like Disney wants to build in the extremely remote southern portion of Eleuthera, more specifically, Lighthouse Beach. South Eleuthera is known to be more like Cat Island rather than Governors Harbour. What a shame.
In a decision criticized by locals and environmentalists, the government of the Bahamas has given tentative approval to a plan by Disney Cruise Line to build a cruise port on the southern tip of the thin, 110-mile-long island of Eleuthera.

The port would be part of a 746-acre development by the subsidiary of the Walt Disney Co. entertainment empire and would include a pier, shops, marina, restaurants and walkways through nearby forest and around salt ponds.
Story here: [url] ... y.html/url]
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By Spicytuna
That sucks!

When I trolled offshore one of our lures was an Eluthera plunger and now it makes sense where that name came from.
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By dunk
[quote=stillsteamin post_id=690661 time=1540246086 user_id=15817]


When I saw this post this Bill Burr bit was the first thing that came to mind. He's right...

The in-laws live in Carribean and we watch the cruise ships come and go and drop the retrads off at the shopping place and maybe they have more fruity rum drinks in a souvenir cup or some shit. They leave hours later and go back to their shitty lives and brag that "We went to [some island]"

No you didn't... You have no idea what that place or its people (or feesh) are about...

I can think of a few groups that are high on the list if we're going to clean up the place but the cruise ship people are very high on that list.
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By befuddled
About 20 years ago wifes parents got us a Disney cruise as a gift. The ship stopped at some island or caye or whatever I remember saying that it was one of the most beautiful places I had ever seen.

They told me it was too bad I came that year because by next year then they would have the restaurant and rental shack and gift shop and everything else built...
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