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Bill, you are living right.
Nice work Jeremy!
I did some freelance work for a fella about 18mths ago.

shortly afterwards his business went a little bit tits up and I never got paid. I felt like bill.

fella recently lost his missus, two girls at uni... I never barked or bit.

in fact my last email said something along the lines of ''don't worry, look after yourself''... fuck. I must've been jrunk.

he belled me three days ago to pay me.

yesterday he handed me cash. freelance means cash.

not a word to the taxman, fuckos.

so you're coming to Rustbelt?
got a new secretary today.
she's 10yrs old, in her pajoojoos and has a snotty nose.

she's making me scones and coffee as we wait for approval on a project we don't need.

this one will just be for the ashtray monies and petrol wongas.
two sleeps until pembo.
that ashtray money approval came in at 3pm.
which is good, as I had ordered the materials at 2pm.

mtice knows when to hold em.

but today there's an empty office chair.

scarleywarleys knew when to run.
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