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Recently I got to do a thing at a place.

There was fishing and bug tying and beer drinking.

There were some local legends sharing secrets for striper and black bass getting with a fly pole.

It was a good time for most.












A place I've wanted to fish for a long time but It was difficult to enjoy the moment knowing what was happening back home.


Thursday 9:00am, 3 hours after the Camp fire was first reported -5000 acres. Town of Paradise and surrounding communities are being evacuated.


Midday- 20,000 acres



Thursday 9:00pm- 60,000 acres. Paradise, lower Magalia, and Concow are gone.

Today, a week later, 140,000+ acres have burned. Nearly 10,000 homes, another 2,000 structures and businesses destroyed.

63 people have lost there lives, it is feared (fuck, its known) that number will climb significantly. Anywhere from 200-600 people are considered missing.

The fire moved so fast people just had no time. The roughly 50,000 people evacuated and the community are doing an amazing job of just holding things together...but help is needed. FEMA is just getting its boots on the ground and local shelter/red cross efforts just aren't capable of handling such a massive evacuation in such a short time. The temperatures are dropping, the air quality is toxic, and noro virus is spreading quickly through shelters filled with children and old folks.

If you can spare it donations are needed.

for the gods:

Lots of close friends and co-workers lost everything. If you would like to donate directly to them pm me.

Thank You.

Today is the creek opener...



photo:(Steve Schoonover -- Enterprise-Record)

fuck. come on, man.
even if (you're that fucking retarded you think) you've never had a fire before last week surely the rest of the fucking world serves as precedent.

I'm not making light of the situation. we write the fucking book on bushfire.
what I'm saying is you're not prepared. and you should fucking know better.

and if you think I'm a cunt look at your next knee-jerk plan of action.

Started out good but ended in the toilet.

Sorry to see what you are going through. That one certainly escalated quickly.

A friend runs shelters down here for the Red Cross. His are primarily in response to hurricanes. Thank God for him and selfless people like him that put up with total shit for the benefit of others.

Keep us posted.
Good to know your still with us tard, I was worried.

Your right, fire isn't unprecedented. The title came from the movie Sully that was on tv while putting this up. It seemed fitting and was all I really could think of.

The destruction and death toll of the fire is unprecedented... in Commiefornia, my apologies. The town has been recognized for fire preparedness. This was a perfect storm of extreme low humidity, high winds, and lack of any fall rain.

Fixing Seppo Problems: A How to Guide. Still waiting for my signed copy.
Now put up some wonga, I knows you got heaps. Or at least pay for some petrol :coffee
I loved to fish those Whistlers but I never got shit on them. Switch to a Clouser and it was game on... KISS or some shit like that.

2 vans full of donations left our office here in Hood River today headed that direction. 2 years ago the Eagle Creek fire burned much of the Gorge but I remember thinking that they wouldn't let our entire town burn down. False confidence as NorCal has shown over the last 2 fire seasons. Scary fucking shit man.
yard4sale wrote: Fri Nov 16, 2018 12:25 pm Scary humbling fucking shit man.
Surreal to see that sort of damage in what we think of as a pretty tamed landscape. I don't know what recovery looks like from something like that, but I'll drop a couple bucks.

Take care.
Dood I was out there was well for the event at SB.

Would have been nice to put a face to the name.

Next time your in town or need an excuse to be here, let me know.

I know that sled you were on well, great dude!

Incredibly sad deal that happened up north.

Thoughts and prayers aren't even enough for some that lost everything including their lives.
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