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By stillsteamin
Spent a couple weeks back home floating with bear, busting brush with my brother, and enjoying equal parts busch and bullshit in G's gayrage. These, among a few others, are the things I am thankful for every day.
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By yard4sale
Got out for one more overnight float.With highs in 30s and lows around 20 it ended up that I had the entire place to myself. Gotta love that. Well, that and a crate of firewood. And whiskey.

Mini-inversion layer
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Placed my cot strategically...
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Skunked on day 1 was offset by 2 solid fish on Sunday. While I prefer the dime bright fish you just can't ignore the beauty of fall fish.
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Now its time to head west and take whats coming to me after being spoiled by summer fish for 6 months...Can't wait!

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By stillsteamin
Honyuk96 wrote: Fri Nov 30, 2018 11:47 am Who shoots a fawn ?
I do, quite frequently actually. We used to kill young sheep too, you know, cuz lamb chops don’t fall out of the clear blue sky.
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By The Wandering Blues
I finally broke the 100# barrier this season. And because the tuna have been feeding on squid blooms, the fat content has been better than I’ve ever seen. Nothing like a full freezer.


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By stillsteamin
Man that makes me want sashimi... some wasabi and soy. Sticky rice and sapporo. How much meat do you get off a 100lber?
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By The Wandering Blues
stillsteamin wrote: Fri Dec 07, 2018 8:46 am Man that makes me want sashimi... some wasabi and soy. Sticky rice and sapporo. How much meat do you get off a 100lber?
That was 108# BFT with about 50# of fillets. Had another come over the rails at 92#. And I also brought home about 60# of YFT. Plenty enough to trade around during our travels for game, beer, flies....
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