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By Lando
fishskibum wrote: Fri Mar 01, 2019 12:16 pm
and shit that's almost south enuff to check the provo or spin a sundance lap
should go skiing or at least take the puppy stuffs up millcreek for some exercise
fuckin rhubarbs up already and theres a winters worth of dog shits in the yard/garden
gears still scattered and in disrepair all over the mancave
im sposed to figure out what im gonna b if I grow up this summer
and sumthins about a resume or life skills
took the drifty cover off and theres shit in the yeti
wife let the snowblower eat the wiring plug
Im getting a new trailer with the tax refund this year
thinkin bout a motor this season
ww afro man do?
looks like wyo went 365 days on a licence
which is nice
waters gonna be high prob thru july
fuckin nephews graduating and ma is coming to town for it and fuckin my 420 fishing holy of safty day plans
but yeah if not sooner
Not shocked. Let me know.......may be a pond kinda spring anyway.
By Eider
I arrived at the parking area mid-morning. I let the dog free while I was dressing because I was alone and he wanted to wander. He had whined nearly the entire 100 mile drive up river. After I put on my waders and set my gear I closed him in the car because of ‘landowner rules’. Technical dry fly fishing with a young lab is impossible so I was glad for an external reason to leave him behind. I slowly walked downriver to the transition between the long riffle and the backwater. I spooked a couple muskrats. Air temperature was 17 degrees.

In my mind, I would cast to fish rising to midges and/or Baetis. As such, I walked downstream from my rig with my home-made fiberglass 5wt I’ve fished with for ca. 25 years, a small box of olive patterns, a small box of midges, a spool of 5X and 6X, tobacco, a pipe, two corned beef and onion sandwiches, and a soda. I had forgotten potable water.

Upon reaching the backwater, I noticed no risers. Air temperature was around 18 degrees. Underdressed and chilled , I found a spot in the sun and sat down. I watched the pool for while when a large fish slashed at a midge below me. I moved downstream to the fish, sat down, and ate a sandwich. I watched the river and the ducks for an hour before moving back to the head of the pool and sitting down in the sun. Most of the ducks had left — not because I spooked them, but because they had some fields to feed in. A coyote appeared on the other side of the river. He was large, healthy, and had a fluffy coat. We stared at each other for a while before he trotted off to better hunting grounds.

I tried different rigs of midge patterns on the dead drift and swing. There were many midge pupa per square foot of water moving by my legs and adult midges on the surface, but nothing was rising. I waded back to shore, sat down in the sun, and ate my other sandwich. Approximately 500 common goldeneye in three groups circled into the backwater. ‘Whistlers’ are always fun to watch. Air temperature was around 30 degrees.

I nursed my flat soda while I burned more tobacco on the bank. A man paddled a small canoe up the backwater to the opposite bank and checked his muskrat traps. Eventually, the soda was gone and I remained thirsty. I walked back to the rig, let the dog out, and drank some water. He ran around because he had been trapped for five hours and we were alone. Air temperature was 34 degrees and we drove home.
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By stillsteamin
Damnit, now I want corned beef. Very nice write up. I am surprised you can leave a young lab who wants to go fishing in a car and still have a car upon returning. The ones I've known consider disassembly an honest form of self expression.
By Eider
I agree that destruction is self expression for young labs, but Ged the god is 18 months old and has his preferred medium. If his medium is absent he whines, barks, then goes to sleep. After fishing I bought a bag of popcorn, put it unopened on the passenger seat, and walked into a fly shop for 15 minutes. I started driving back downriver and reached for what turned out to be an empty bag. I pulled over to find that not a single kernel was left anywhere in the front of the rig. It was as if the contents never existed. Ged the god was asleep in the back - the powdered white cheese acted as a sedative. That or he was faking sleep to avoid my wrath.
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By Bruiser
Just checking in - but hello everyone. Dibs - get a new trailer for sure. The ABCDEFG shuttle is a long one.
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By mitch aka 2 fish
though I have quite a few photogs I'm drawing up plans for a octagonal gazebo instead.
it has many, many variables including decking spacings at 45 degrees. and a cupola.

I've been calling it a turret.
I should be shot behind the ear.

spoiler: I have figured it out. it has a circumcircle radius of 2302mm. you should be able to work out the rest.
octo diag.png
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By 421sd

So a few weeks ago….

Our first non-kids vacation since, well, arrival of kids. Me and my bride, her sister and spouse. We hitched up the jon boat, strapped kayaks on top of it and took off for the gulf. Tip of the hat to mendthatshit87 for the music selection.

I had some leftover flys from our last trip to the salt. I tied a few more.


Our first evening the girls made us drinks, got us drunk, and furthermore.


Day1 - It rained 3 times and was windy as Wyoming with an intimidating chop on the open water. We hid behind the Islands.


A manatee paid us a visit.


Day 2 - It rained 3 times and was windy as Wyoming with an intimidating chop on the open water. We hid behind the Islands.


We were having trouble finding fish in the murky waters, but we finally found a bay with tails working along the grass lines. Most were Black Drum and they refused everything. A few tails had dots on them, and I managed a 'perfect cast' on one and hooked up! Fuck yeah first red on a fly, right? I was slightly disappointed.


A storm chased us off the water, rained on us so hard we got not quite lost, but fearsome confused for about 20 minutes before we remembered we had Navionics.

Day 3: We took the girls to a beach and wade fished a while.


Bro-staff in-law got snooky with his Walmart gear.


We hit the mom-n-pop restaurants perfect on this trip.


Day 4: The wind started to lay down so we decided we would go to the outer islands, where we wanted to be all along, the girls kayaking and the boys fishing the grass flats. Then it rained 3 times. But after that was over we set our crafts on course. The girls hiked the island and we fished. The grass was so cool, a few sharks, sea turtles, porpoises, and some game fish. Sorry for the shitty hero-style shots.


That evening also graced us with the nicest sunset of the trip along with some more nice drinks.



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By fatman
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By fishskibum
]did sums

full bore brianhead blizzad
sun came out sunday
skied sum pows
got the fur kid out and down the closed road to cedar breaks

and well yeah
its a white room addiction thing
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The days are receding ....

Sorry for your loss, Fallen.

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