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By Mangina
Been some time since I've posted anything.

Had a chance to gather with some friends for a few days in the salt. Kinda sorta an annual gathering. Started off with one or two traveling welcomed by some local hospitality and has grown from that with travelers and locals alike looking forward to next year. Truly one of those deals that keeps you going knowing good times ahead.

Ive got a thought about travel for fishing- you cant control the fishing so focus on what you can control- people you are with, food, drink, location, etc. With the right people, properly embalmed with rum and Mexican beer, pretty much any fishing is a good time.

Fortunately, this year would be good conditions and some pretty memorable fishing.

The gathering usually starts with some cocktails and food off a grill. When I think of saltwater fishing I think of all the usual stuff- sand, palm trees, mangroves, etc etc etc I have found it only appropriate to make trips to the salt synonymous with rum. Buddy drug back some small batch stuff back from Belize. Its delicious
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There was three days of hanging toes off the bow looking for reds and trout. Redfishing always pretty good but seemed off a bit as a result of some high water. None the less fish were sought out, flies were thrown, and an occasional fish to hand.
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I mentioned memorable earlier. Everyone has a fish (or fishes) that make them weak in the knees. Yes yes tarpon and permit come to mind for most. For these parts, big trout make me goofy. Typically seen when bumped by the boat, they glide effortless in front of you with a confident attitude and one that says "Yup, I'm big and bad, you woke me, and I'm pissed so dont mess with me." Sure sure you throw. "Dont cost nothing". But almost always they are on to you and ignore your efforts.

When you get a chance to sneak up on them undisturbed and see that dark outline, for me it is something special and the buck fever goes through the roof. If you ever get one to eat, then its the delicate hand lining and rod held away from you ever so gingerly with the "please, please, please please dont come off" running through your head. Only time you ever take your eyes off the hooked up fish is when one of the guys on the boat makes a comment about a net or a camera and you quickly shoot them a "fuck off asshole" look. In the end, there it is. You get your hands on her and the grin takes over. High fives, hugs, and thanks to the big man for making it all so.
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Then of course you gotta go back and relive it all at the local bar and talk about doing it again next year!!

Cheers fellas
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By fly-chucker
those are trout I could look forward to fishing for :cool
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By LA Fly Guy
Ruddy Duck wrote: Mon Jul 01, 2019 4:50 pm That picture makes me wish our sea trout fishery was better managed over here to the east.

What a fish!

Awesome job Mangina. That's certainly a feat - sight fishing one of those guys.
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By fatman
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