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By The Wandering Blues
Just gotta vent. My garage and truck have been broken into 3 times now, not counting my wife’s car break in, as well as my son’s Jeep, all next to our place. When the truck got hit, I found doper transients kicking back on a blanket my wife had made for me, looking at stuff that was in my truck. I calmly put my Glock in the face of one of them and asked them “is my shit worth your life?” Sadly, I wouldn’t have blinked to pull the trigger in that moment if they had gotten squirrely.

The last garage break in, they took my mountain bike- a classic British made steel frame 29’r. I didn’t even bother to report it to my insurance for fear of getting dropped from too many claims. But....

Today I discovered that, in addition to the bike, they took my Fishpond backpack containing all my reels, 7-10 boxes of flies, line, tippet, etc, and most very sadly, Miss Nona- the net I had made honoring my grandma. I’ve never physically shaken from anger. Not in all my years in law enforcement, not even after OIS’s. But it happened today.

I could almost let it slide were it a pro job where I was stream side and a smash and grab happened. At least the gear might have seen further life on the water. But I’ve no doubt that they took the pack just to haul their transient shit around, not even understanding or appreciating the meaning of the net, or what the reels were. Probably just tossed them. It wasn’t pristine stuff; I’m hard on my gear. But, it was a collection that took years to put together. And the net, well, it’s beyond irreplaceable, like a piece of my soul was taken with it.

Our place is on the market because of the crime that’s plaguing Albuquerque. We are hitting the road tomorrow (preplanned) and I told the wife, “I don’t give a shit if it’s not sold by the time we get back- I’m not spending another night there lest I kill a person if I find them breaking in. That’s what it’s come to. I wasn’t that way as a po-po. I can’t stand being that way now.

Fuck addicts. Fuck Albuquerque PD. And fuck this experiment that has been city living.

Whew. I feel marginally better. Thanks for listening.
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By FredA
Damn. No need to candy coat it or rationalize it Curtis. That just plain fuckin sucks. They're all assholes... the whole lot of them.

Sorry man.
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By rampant
Having been through a similar theft of something that was precious to me by head-fucked druggies. Although this was 25 years ago when I thing about it, it still gets me riled.
It just sucks sweaty balls
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By Bigguy
Those pond scum don’t realize how lucky they are you haven ‘t gone Charles Bronson on the whole lot! Fully understand why you’re bailing on that place.
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By The Wandering Blues
mitch aka 2 fish wrote: Thu Jan 02, 2020 8:20 pm if you kill a homeless you will feel better.
ask me how I know (nothing).
I knew you and I had something in common.....

This was the net. Made from a black walnut tree that was on our family farm since the late 1860’s. A tree I played in as a kid. A tree that announced you were at grandma’s house, the same grandma that taught me to fish.

BTW Mr. Holberg, we’ll be down on Galveston Island for a month or so. You get a wild hair, bring the missus along and we’ll have dinner and drinks.
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By mitch aka 2 fish
if kelly can find a tree you can find your motherfuckers net.

strange name for a net but whatevs.
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By The Wandering Blues
mitch aka 2 fish wrote: Thu Jan 02, 2020 8:40 pm if kelly can find a tree you can find your motherfuckers net.

strange name for a net but whatevs.
Difference being, KP found enlightenment. A quest should never be undertaken for blood. And the net is named after my Grandma, an old Chickasaw/Choctaw woman who knew the value of time spent on the water.
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By yard4sale
When you leave make sure to go right. I’ve heard bad things about going left.

I don’t even have a key to my house and you’ve seen this country if that helps.

Sorry for the shit fight you are in. You’d be better off shooting a big pharma exec than a tweaker...
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By flashback
And some wonder why decent people get upset about crime.
The net was beautiful, made with grace and love.
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By fly-chucker
Sorry brother, let Pete chew on their fucking bones. :gun
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By Redchaser

I've had the same issues at home, the neighborhood has deteriorated over the years. I’ve had stuff stolen out of the boat, off of the back patio, had break ins into the garage and storage building where tools or kept, and finally a break in into the house. After the last break in I put up an IP camera system, camera's mounted everywhere outside and in a manner that they are conspicuous and I haven't had any further trouble. Sadly, with a couple of the incidents it was fairly obvious that the thieves knew exactly where to go for what, and based on when they happened I think it was related to people that had been out to provide services like cable hook ups etc. It's just such a shitty feeling.
Should I fish it?

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