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Also - have you considered trying GEO-IP blocking? Knocking down ranges by nation-state might prove more useful, but I am just guessing. Unless of course if these spammers are running proxies...which is always fun.

What about running a delay on account approval? If you force these fucks to wait 24 hrs, most of them will simply fuck off on their own - we can hope

Hope they are paying you.
Since your present I’m wondering if you could fix something else. I hate that I have to scroll all the way through the first page of a thread in order to access the most recent post on any given thread. Maybe I’m the only one that doesn’t like this feature, but some of these threads have been around for years and I don’t need to relive something that was typed in 2009 every time I click on a thread.
Damn, I'm so uncool, I didn't even get banned.
Patches wrote: Wed Feb 26, 2020 2:26 pm Please let me know if I messed up and banned someone I was not supposed to .. Nemo asked me to clean up the spam and did the bans by IP address. So, maybe a bit overkill. They can email directly.
If they are banned, how can they click through your profile to email you?
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I hope he's in heaven eating a happy enchilada


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fuck chinese women, jed.

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