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oh yea :Roll Eyes
Jayzizz, Justin, good shit man. I dunno about red bess sitting all smug in shotgun with a spin rawd. Pune pompanos can be considered permit, seeing as jackass call browns and bro bows native trout here. :bullshit
CC Riebeeck wrote: Tue Feb 18, 2020 9:47 am There's fish tautology afoot...
Same fish, two names

It's okay man. On page 6 of this link ... =3&t=65658 there's a sticker of our late pug Stella. Aka Stellsbury Steak, Stella bella, Stella Marie, Chubsy McWaddles... the only rule was I wasn't allowed to call her fat. I put a sticker on a tap where he'll see it, near his office, in a wee form of protest. That'll show himImage

The rest of you ne'er do wells, thank you

It doesn't matter whether that palm of palometa pompano checks a box or not. It's the fish still uncaught, or hooked and lost. It's the places still unseen. But most of all it's the knuckleheads linked with abstract avatars/call signs and the ones left, at present, unmet
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Well this was a welcome thread. Thanks all. :cool
The Drake is very much alive, thanks for asking. Though I'm guessing you only noticed it was late b/c you had a Tippet essay in it. This issue was indeed a little tardy—sorry 'bout that. On the bright side, fly shops—especially those in the northern Rockies—tend to see more traffic in late Feb/early March than they do in January. So it works on the circ side. Nice to see so many of you still around these parts. Figured y'all woulda given in to Facebook and the Gram by now.
Nemo wrote: Tue Mar 03, 2020 10:28 pm The Drake is very much alive, thanks for asking. Though I'm guessing you only noticed it was late b/c you're an ass clown whoring your own shit :spam .
fixed it for you Nemo
Should I fish it?

does it still have the cigarette lighter? Cuz that[…]

He is the Great Cornholio!


Best day of my life TR

Nice bun. And the rest


that's a nice kitty!

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