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paying yourself today
or no pro bone o's
oh and
My wife’s been putting in her time with the streamer for the past couple of years. Last spring she started to get good, then over the summer/ this fall she honestly started to surprise me how good she was getting (shame on me, right?) The only problem was we just never made it out together during primo conditions were everything fell into place.

That all changed over the weekend.

Throwing an 8wt, 300gr sink, and a 7inch fly, like a fuckin boss, mind.
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My string cheese situation is still ok — there hasn’t been a run on it as yet, thankfully.

To keep busy in this crisis, I have been catching fish in the river behind my house, a lot of dinkers, mostly.
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I’ve also been flying the chicken 2x/day. She is fit, strong, healthy, and ready for release to rejoin chicken-society end of week after the current snow storms pass. Her last flight was yesterday afternoon.
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I’ll miss her.
Good soul work man. Good on ya.
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