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By mitch aka 2 fish
coughession: I think I already had chunt flu in california.

relates: got it the day he was elected.

elates: got it the day he was elected.

lates: we've booked a penthouse/topless barmaids at crown for november's party. stay chooned...
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By Average Joe
The Old Man died this morning.
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He had a good run.

Hard at times.

Perhaps often.

But good.

I'd like to think that anyway.

Don't pour a sip.

He was a child of the Great Depression, and would consider such a gesture a waste.
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By fly-chucker
I'll drink a sip for you Joe and for the old man :cool
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By sarmulminnow
sad not to have met The Old Man
glad to have met his son

hope all goes well my friend
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By Obie
Take care, Joe.
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By yard4sale
Damn sorry Joe. Sounds like he lived a hell of a life.
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By fatman
peace, brother
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