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By Average Joe
Every day's a Saturday now, and I haven't been out much since the lock down, so my activities have been limited to day drinking and cleaning up shit.

There are times this bitch acts up and all I want to do is kill her, so I'm pretty much working from home without pay.
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By Average Joe
I only bring out the good ashtrays, whisky, and glassware when you're in town.

Or if Cornholio shows up with a six pack of 7-UP, though I can't remember the last time that happened.


You and rampant should jump on a plane and give me an excuse to dust them off.

Meaning the ashtrays, whisky, and glassware.

There are lots of people here who would love to see you.
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By Obie
Better late than never
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And I think it's one of flychucker's bugs from a smallie swap past- thanks!
By Carpcrusha
Went redeye fishing... I have always been a snob when it comes to redeye, but they are actually good fun.
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lunch: mudbugs in spring
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Scout mission after selling my first poopfish boat I ever owned. I went and picked up Captain Ron. Then followed him to new to me flats.
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And then, the dude revealed-- El Doraado (land of golden poopfish)
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Then we went home, but Ill be back tomorrow for some poopfish time.
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By fly-chucker
I thought you left

fix your fucking sideways pictures then leave :stupid
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By 421sd
Finally got out on a local ditch.

Dirty white boy (@Flysmallie).
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White power.
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Mile-or-so upstream paddle to get back to the truck. At least it was pretty....
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Cheers Btices. :cool
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By PastorBen
1st bear 2020a.jpg
first bear of the season...
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Venus and the Tetons blue hour.jpg
venus and the tetons hour...
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