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congrats to you and the missus FSB :smile
thanks im gunnins for another 23
the neighbors gave us a pile o granite
their both chair/ bedridden now
the (spancer) bird makes em a home cooked meal every sunday
spent the holiday weekend humpin em to replace rotten rail road ties and keep the herb garden patio terrace in place
The fact that my landscape bro left the big bird rock dolley at the crib didn't hurt
tween dealin with me, the rim to rim to rim and Ragnar 100 mile team running stuffs
that bird is tough
was sposed to get the green float on
bird can row 8kcfs but skipped it due to weather
did take the bird to the refuge of such
and let her row me into poopers
id probably be mur like mike if I golfed or tweeted
yur welcome to come borrow it
maybe wet a line or git the float and be happy on
Or ive got a skibum bro in the twin cities
ill puts in an order for ya

and well charged and convicted are often oj's world apart
no disrespect but
officer Chauvin and his standby and watch goons are gonna reap much bad long and hard for the evil theve sown
enuffs enuffs
from the cant make this shit up files
lets bring the bow
bro needed tweeds
well and a new ride
cause youre shit got chicky checked and fuckin wrecked ... 0MytgUkAY
strange days indeed
id blame yoko
but I bet if ya spent a bit of the militatize the "protect and serve" armored personal troop carriers funds
on teaching and training human compassion and not murder citizens for selling ciggie puffs or passing bad checks
maybe you wouldn't need tanks
At night while they are roosting. Flashlight and a net with a handle long enough to reach their roost spots. Darker the better - if it is dark enough and they roost low enough you can just grab them by hand often.

Short of that, check under bridges. Bridges with spots they can build nests beneath and roost on the rafters are what you want. I find that rain road bridges are better than roadway bridges.

If you have to trap them with traps, you need to bait the area constantly to get them to come as part of their daily routine. Bait in the area for a while, then unset trap with bait for a while, then set trap.

You can use a walk in trap or spring loaded bow net. If you are using a walk in trap, gates open with bait within after you have them coming to bait piles for a few days before you close the doors. Bow net is better - if you can get them coming to a baited spot with a bow net you can literally trap dozens in a single spring of the trap.
I sometimes trap them under the railroad under pass in town at night with cheap fishing net that I electrical taped to an 8’ shower rod. It’s good fun - the cops roll by and wave to me as I’ve met most of them at this point. People call them sometimes, and sometimes people yell at me to leave them alone. People, go figure.
Also, if it’s a dark barn and they are hard to reach you can often trap them with net at the barn door. Need two people. One bangs them off the rafters, just a couple at a time, other stand at the barn door with net and one of those extreme brightness flashlights. When they fly toward the barn door - they know where to go as they live there - flashlight directly on them which blinds them pretty good and slows them down and then net them out of the air quick!
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