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this tr is like my redemption for not gittins to go in april with less thc
and a good shot of drakian goodness in the arm of a junkie
thanks fer sharing yur doing of the things
hopes to share sum time wavin whippy sticks on the water with ya this summer
and git salt life on at sum point in the future
I'm disappointed you didn't wear the Iron Maiden Christmas sweater....
TX. wrote: Fri Jun 05, 2020 6:14 pm That looks like a Mexican permit to me....jus' sayin'.
LOL. With all do respect, fuck you, TX.

But seriously, you're one of those I need to thank for taking me out so many years ago and introducing me to this craziness. I'll never forget that day. One of the discussions on the boat was how when I showed up to your place in POC, the first thing you did was cut off my leader I hard worked so hard on perfecting. Completely broke my heart and humbled me. I can't thank you enough.
We're looking at buying property in Belize or Panama right now to open a lodge/ b&b/ eco lodge. Shit ain't cheap down there anymore. It's cool that you remember your first saltwater trip...All I remember is you fucking up that bull red in that back channel. Ha!

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