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By gankadank
Pancho turned me onto the pulpy fiction of Terry C. Johnston. The main character, Titus Bass, spends a heap of time in that area. It's nice to see this place I've only imagined in all its glorious non-fiction
Thanks Heero
I went for a drive instead of a walk today. Still a great big failure.
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Failure lake is still a failure. Only fitting.

I went to a different trailhead today.

Half mile up some switchbacks on the main trail, leave the trail, strenuous mile of very steep bushwhacking, a few miles of leisurely stroll through mountain tundra.

Plan A was still frozen. Backtracked a ways, climb up over small ridge, and plan B was partially thawed Caught a bunch of chunky brook trout like the one pictured, then hoofed it out as the weather was rolling in - no shelter up there so I wasn’t staying.
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I don’t usually fish brook trout lakes (Plan A is cutthroats). It isn’t because of native fish snobbery — there are only two alpine lakes in the Beartooths with indigenous cutthroats (the rest would’ve been fishless) so unless you’re fishing one of those two, the cutthroat your catching we’re stocked by someone same as the brookies, goldens, and rainbows. I don’t fish them because brook often overpopulate and I end up catching a bunch of small, thin fish with giant heads. Not the case in this lake — they were all chunkers and that one pictured wasn’t the biggest, just the first. I’ll bet there are a few really nice ones in there — Id try it again!
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By TX.
Looks cold.
Ive been in the mountains a bunch since now and the last one but mostly non-fishing excursions with dogs and other.

Yesterday caught a bunchve dink fish - dozen or so and lost or missed a few more - before the wind came up as it does. Saw one good fish cruising that I hooked and lost on the first fly I showed it then proceeded to miss a couple more times. Win some lose some.

Only took 2 pitchers.
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Due to a late cancellation by someone who was clearly stringing me a long for laughs because I am not likable, I went to Failure Lake again. The other one is one f a handful I am uncomfortable going to alone due to the grizzlies. They are everywhere, but in certain areas/drainages the question isnt if I’ll see one (usually not), but rather where, how close will I be when I jump it, and how many.

The lake.
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The fish were really happy today. They were cruising up high, sipping bugs happily. Literally, every fish I put a fly in front of ate it, and I put the fly in front of a lot of fish. Missed a couple and lost a few, but I must’ve landed 20 or so in an hour. Nothing big, all 10-14”, Id say, and I avoided casting to anything smaller than that. Only fished an hour or so then relaxed and had lunch - honestly, had the fishing been a little tougher, I’d have probably fished longer, but I figured I stabbed enough fish in the face before dragging them around the lake at that point.
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By Kfoxwyo
Good Stuff right there-thank you sir.

But does it include free beer?

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