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By Adams
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Plenty of cheer dispensed here. Hope you come out the other end of hibernation. . .
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By fly-chucker
Adams wrote: Fri Nov 20, 2020 11:02 am Able.JPG
Plenty of cheer dispensed here. Hope you come out the other end of hibernation. . .

For non locals, Uncle Meatwad is temporarily closing down shop to hopefully reemerge after the whole covid thing blows over.
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By 421sd
Had some success at Cuz’s farm. I forgot to bring the tote that had my bullets and knives, so I had to use Trusty Rusty the ‘camp rifle.’
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Had a pour of Willett and a cigar while making head soup.
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By Bigguy
That looks epic! Was wondering where you disappeared to, know we’ve been hanging out in the swamp! Probably the best place to be these days.
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