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By Juan es un pescado
Panama is fantastic, been on 4 trips. We fished the Pacific side, Pedasi, Cambutal, Isla Cebaco, and Coiba. Hiked a bunch of mountains and parks, the wildlife and birding is amazing. Atlantic or Pacific side?

On one hike (which we found out later is named the Culebra trail (the snake trail), crossed a clear creek and could see fish feeding. Went back up with our fly rods and caught a bunch of Rainbow Trout on Clousers...the only flies I happened to have that a trout would eat. Turns out there is a trout farm upstream, and they escaped and are now wild in the stream....
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By Redchaser
Damn nice. Any plans for a Cayo Frances style lodge?
By Jed
Wherever you finally settle, make sure there is enough room for the annual Drake Xmas party.
Missed tis one due to Covid
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By markl
Love it. We've spent a fair bit of time in Central America. Haven't hit Panama yet. It's on the list. I might wait for the guest bedroom to get finished first though ;)

Sounds awesome. Good luck with it.
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By TX.
I'm thinking I was really jrunk when I posted this, cause I just found it...
I'm just going to respond by quoting everyone individually, but I'm almost out of beer and I'm refinishing a floor tonight also...
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By TX.
The Wandering Blues wrote: Mon Jan 04, 2021 8:51 am Just make sure your place is big enough for guests...
Sorry so long since we've spoken, check your PM.
Hope you and your wife are okay.

We are looking at doing an eco-lodge, I need to do more scouting on the "fly fishing" aspect of it...
Stay tuned.
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By TX.
Lando wrote: Mon Jan 04, 2021 9:13 am Guests plural or one Kyle.
Yeah, that.
I made sure we baby-proofed the place before we left, the swimming pool bar may be an issue.
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By TX.
fly-chucker wrote: Mon Jan 04, 2021 11:14 am Looks like the dock is in. :cool
So we're looking at 10 Hectors (about 25 acres), the dock you see is w/ about another 2 1/2 acres, that is for sale by a separate owner who chopped a shit-ton of mangrove, got a huge fine ($70k) and walked away. There is also sacred land of about 2 acres that will never go away.
The dock for this property has a lift and two boat houses, one w/ SUP's and the like.
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By TX.
FredA wrote: Tue Jan 05, 2021 8:42 am Wow.

But where is the liquor store?
Obviously it's an island, by boat it's a 15 minute protected run to "town".
And they sell Cuban rum...
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By TX.
pbrstreetgang wrote: Mon Jan 04, 2021 1:17 pm Man - that is a different Panama compared to what I saw.

Mine was destroyed buildings, hovels, and moms trying to sell their daughters for $10. Oh, and Panama "beer"...

Your version seems a bit better. Got sandbags?
Yeah, Panama City for sure.
The main structure is about 60 feet above current sea level. We are looking at property that won't be "as" effected by climate change.
Well sh!t, Panama...

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