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By Deerhawk
The North American Beer Awards are out for 2006 and here's a few that made the Gold from Oregon;Bend Brewing - Bohemian Pilsnern Dechutes Brewery - Bachelor ESB and Mirror Mirror Barley Winen Pelican Pub and Brewery - Dorymans Dark Ale, Tsunami Stout and Kiwanda Cream Alen Congratis to these Brewers!Tag North American Beer Awards on your favorite SE to get the results from your neck 'o da woods!other notes;n Brewtopia rated Bridgeport Brewing Co. in P-town OR #2 in there 2006 top 10 bars 'n pubs worldwide!n And Portland came in 8th for the top 10 cities for beer lovers!n Ill lift one fer um!
By viking
hooray us!
By troutjedi
Fuck ALL that shit.....PABST BLUE RIBBON!!!!!!!!
By Brookwookie
Hooray Dead Guy. My town has a funky little taproom with carved up tables and Dead Guy on tap, next to Cooperstown Old Slugger and Guinness. I will defend it to the death.
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By pocket water
close to where I live is a town "Nederland." They serve dead guy during the "Dead Guy Days." There is some dead guy (grandpa Bredo) that is kept frozen in a tuffshead. It's 3 days of fun with coffin races, grandpa look alike contest, Brainfreeze contest among other fun stuff. and of course Dead guy beer.
By Jed
Give us a link to the whole list. I'm not travelling to Oregon for good beer. I want to see what won a little closer to home.jed
By D. Micus
no troutslayer or moosedrool? i'm not leaving missoula!

I think that's fixin' to change.

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