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By Shane
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By flashback
awesome, Nick!! Would make a much better magazine cover than the hired model pictures the mags usually have.
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By Jon
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By Brookies Rule
Well done Sully, n Was that pic. difficult to take? How many times did you have to try before you got right? I'll be hoping for some of those takes on Sunday. What's working in the mornings, Caddis, BWO's?BTW, Great article in Fish & Fly glad to see you kept the secrets, secret.

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By coolconman
Nice, that couldn't have been an easy pic to get right! :)
By Master Shake
The title of this thread offends and threatens me.n Master Shake
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By SageBrush
Originally posted by Master Shake:n The title of this thread offends and threatens me.n Master Shake
Yer right son!n ...................should be...SUCK.n Sage
Yea, it sucks......n Kinda reminds me I need to get out.n O.K. will be at Carlsbad beach ,Ca this weekend. will do a little surf casting.By the way, nice photo.
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By Ginseng Sullivan
These do take some time, but with digital it's blaze away and look later. this fish was in a back eddy where a hatchery water outflow goes into the main creek. i was above it and you could see an olive drift into the eddy and then the fish would move to it and i would fire a burst. the real trick is to have enough light to get fast enough shutter speeds to stop the action. you need a polorizer to cut the glare but it also slows the camera further. it was much easier for this one as we (glista) fed bread to them from the bridge to get some action going with the fish of the paradise. my guess is that most pics you see are of the latter. this one has too slow a shutter speed due to the shade, but it's easy timing bread rises. Image
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By Jon
Originally posted by Ginseng Sullivan:n ... but it's easy timing bread rises.
Got any bread crumb patterns? :coffee:
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