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By stonedfly
[report]Spring hath sprung in E. TN and with it commeth the desire to explore new waters and do stupid things cause you might not freeze to death if things go south in a hurry. To that end, took the SS Collard Green up a free stone that flows out of the SMNP. By the grace of Dog we made it up to the furthest impediment (dam) without sheering a pin or bumping the old Sea Horse too much.

Just a few pics, but would like to see more of them there bronze backs, post'em if you got them.

Posing pretty (impossible):

Skinny water (hey, why aren't there any other boats up here?)

Just rewards:

My turn:

Wiper in the mix:

Bronze BaCK:
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By Bobwhite
I do love smallies, and can't wait for the season to start up this way.

Here's one from last summer.
Smallie.JPG (119.52 KiB) Viewed 15980 times
By blue ridge angler
[report]great thread..


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Killer start guys I plan on adding to this here shortly... I'm a rookie with these fellers so we'll see how it goes.
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By Ephemeral
Great looking fish gang. I only get a shot at them once a year and man do I look forward to it.

That last one looks like it was in the jaws of something much bigger than it a while back.

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By woolly bugger
[report]can't wait for things to heat up around here....

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By foureyedgeek
Heck yes, I love the smallies.
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By P-A
Looks like really nice fush those bronze backs.
You suck man!!
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