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By Ozarkian
When my wife and I got married my father-in-law made the wine. So far nobody has gone blind, granted, the gear in his wine room is a bit more sophisticated than ribbed trojans.
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By Barney
Trojans?!?! I feel as though thats even too high class for this set up. I'm pretty sure it was a couple of those quarter machine gas station rubbers from down the road. And yea, hopefully the lube is all that can be detected. The nuances of man liquid is well... :vomit
By JoshO
Sissy's! Every one of you... I thought this was The Suk.

If Barney were to bottle it in mason jars and serve it up at the next bake ya'll would be on it like flies on sh!t. Just sayin.

I'd drink it. Here's to your ol' man :cool
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By The_Fuk
Anyone else have crazy old parents?

My 15 year old says I am. Sometimes it works well for us to make ya'll think we are crazy.

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By Barney
I'd drink it. Here's to your ol' man
hahaha thanks JoshO, i'll pass it on to the old man, though I'm not 100% sure he knows what the interweb is... none the less, I'll bottle some up when he's done
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By ditchdoc
My father-in-law makes this stuff he calls "milk punch" at Christmas time. Tastes like kerosene cut with milk. I tried it one time. Never again. He's a great guy, but his taste buds have atrophied in the ensuing 80 yrs. I take a glass every year and pretend to sip it, step outside for a smoke and dump it in the shrubbery.
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By bdb
ohhh, puuuuhhhh-leeeeaaaaaze invite me over. Your Dad-in-law has got to be hilarious, to hang with him would be, well, epic.
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let the old feller run as long as he can , he's probably been doing it so long he's a craftsman at it. ain't nothing wrong with making your own :cool
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By nympho
He's trying to kill your mom.

Or blow up a federal building.

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