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By Surly
I sent a rod to a dude back in February of 2005 for repair. Needed to have a ferrule re-set and re-wrapped. A couple hours worth of work. When I talked to him, he said I'd get it back before the fishing season started. March comes, no rod. April comes, no rod. May comes, no rod. June comes, no rod. See a pattern? Everytime the guy was called he was "looking at it now, I'll get to it this week."Fast forward to January. Sent him a mess of emails that were not returned. He won't return my phone calls. Doesn't even pick up. I've seen him posting on another board, so I know he's alive and has internet access. At this point all I want is the damned rod back. I got it as a graduation present from the old crusty who taught me how to fish.Girlfriend's a lawyer, I'd hate to get her involved. Any sucky suggestions?
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By tim_s
sounds like a rod builder i know! no lie, same sh!t, and this was a guy i fished with alot!do you have a receipt? this will make it easier....send a certified letter, if you get no response, go the legal routefuck it....he's had his shot and then some to make good, give him one more try, then get the damn rod back...
By Brookwookie
Originally posted by Surly:n I've seen him posting on another board, so I know he's alive and has internet access.
You want we should have a little chat with him then?n Image
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By creeklover
Post his name and company so a fellow Drakian won't make a mistake and do some "bidness" with him. It's amazing, people like that can own a business and actually sustain it....
By tom
Have you looked into assassination? :(
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By Jon
I have a disturbingly similar problem with a bamboo rodbuilder. He's had my deposit for nearly three years and for the last two he hasn't returned calls or e-mails. His website is gone, and I suspect he's out of the rod business. I've had conversations with a few of his customers that were screwed like you - one acquaintance sent back a rod for minor repair and this thieving dick apparently sold it to somebody else. :mad: I hope that's not the case with your rod.Hell, yes ask the GF what could be done - good luck, Surly.
By Nubbs
Originally posted by tom:n Have you looked into assassination? :(
Maybe a donkey punch will do the trick.
Image n If that don't work do what Tom says.
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By Jon
Tim -My nemesis' initials are JP. I'd post his company's name here, but since the website's gone, I doubt anybody will be sending this goniff any future deposits.At this point, I've written it off. Karma will punish this fraudulent shithole more than I could.
By Surly
No reciept from the builder, shit, who is Gary Lacey with the Granger Rod Company. The rod I sent is a Granger. I thought that by sending it to him, it would be a "proper" repair. The color of the wraps is very difficult to match, and Mr. Lacey said he had the original silks from Granger. Still has the name of the gentleman who gave it to me on the rod tube. HE is calling Mr. Lacey tonight to try and get the rod released. This is his last chance.I hope I didn't learn an expensive lesson...

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