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By T.J. Brayshaw
stripstrike wrote: Let the free market decide whether assholes make as much money as the tolerant.
We tried that. In some parts of the country, the assholes did quite well. In fact, if you decided to buck the system and willingly serve the "wrong" people, you'd get run out of town on rail, or worse.

And in the places where those things occurred, just going down the road to the "other" florist (or whatever) wasn't an option. And if you and all your kin were second-class citizens and poor, moving was probably not an option either.

A business, even if private, is considered "a place of public accommodation" and according to the Civil Rights Act, this means you can't discriminate based on protected class status.

The flip side is that we also protect speech, even the speech of assholes. Luckily, most of the time when a free speech issue arises it's to protect the speech of non-assholes. But by protecting all speech, we insure the right is there. Compared to all the alternatives, it seems to work pretty well.
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I have to admit to not following the story too closely, but was under the impression that the pizza maker was trying to get out in front of the problem, making a public stand that they shouldn't be expected to make gay wedding pizza, as they would be offended, before they were ever actually asked to do so.

The kind of reasoning that makes me not pay attention to these idiots.

They seem have done quite well for themselves, with other like-minded folks dumping over $800,000.00 into their gofundme. Evidence that being a bigoted asshole in the age of the internet can work out ok.
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By Da Ax
SLSS wrote:Evidence that being a bigoted asshole in the age of the internet can work out ok.
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By Plow
Same hate, ignorance and complete disregard for the truth that turned an attack on a cop into hands-up-don't-shoot are at work here. Country would be far better served if folks stop the instantaneous hate and vitriol and took a little time to focus on the truth and communicate.

Correct me if I'm wrong but the ONLY thing these folks have done is refused (mostly hypothetically) to "serve" gay weddings because of their religion beliefs. Other than that everyone is welcomed. Since when are religious beliefs evil. Had these folks been black and Christian or Muslim then this would have been a non-starter. Talking about hypocrites Tim Cook is whining about Indianian while courting countries that have the most hostile (lethal) laws towards gays.

Update: Memories Pizza gofundme now up to $842.442.00. Small offset to the horrible injustice the've received. BTW: Thats about 7¢ for evert time a celebrity or someone on twitter demanded they die in a fire for having a different opinion.

Peace, love and understanding to you all...
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By canook
Plow wrote: Correct me if I'm wrong but the ONLY thing these folks have done is refused (mostly hypothetically) to "serve" gay weddings because of their religion beliefs. Other than that everyone is welcomed.
Isn't that kinda the point? They decided one 'sin' was worthy of exclusion, but not others. How about these hypocrites enabling the 'sin' of gluttony that's mentioned in the same bible they claim to base their lives and actions on? You think they're turning away fatties at the door? And, of course, all their pizzas are prepared kosher as set out in biblical law. Bacon on that - nope, sorry. Meat on cheese - no can do. It's God's laws don't ya know.
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By BigCliff
Good Lord, I post a helpful infographic that basically says quit whining and then we procede to fill 7 pages with exactly that.

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By Mad_Mike
I was a door guy/bouncer at bars for a long time... But mostly a door guy. Which meant my duties, other than keeping underagers out, was to maintain the type of crowd we wanted in the bar. Basically not allow it to fill with douch bags or otherwise shitty individuals if possible. I had explicit instructions from the owners as to what they wanted the place to be, and who they wanted to serve, and I was paid well (better than most the other staff) to make sure that this happened.

This means that every time a person came to my door, I profiled the shit out of them. Not color, sexual orientaion, religion, or any of that shit... no I profiled on the most basic shallow shit I could.. mainly because its all I had to go on. How they walked, talked, and interacted with others in line, or in their group. Clothing, or just general attractiveness. I routinely told people to their face that they were'nt allowed into my bar, while giving no explaination. Why? because in SC I didn't have to. I could litterally tell you I didn't want you in my bar because I didn't like your face.. most of the time I would blame it on some "dress code" that didn't exist by the way, or whatever else I could come up with. This made people mad.. I mean really mad.. because in america we all just assume we are allowed to go anywhere we please.. I was also routinely called racist, a bigot, and everything else under the sun. Not a fun job by the way, but it was what the owners paid me for. To be the bad guy.

Now, was what I did any worse than the cake thing. I had no motivation or moral high ground driving my actions. Just money, and a shallow agenda to keep a certain "type" of persons in my establishment. This was at more than one bar and was standing practice at most, except the dives that really didn't care. I hated it, but being that I can shut off emotion pretty well, I was damn good at it. Turns out I can be an exceptional asshole when the need arises.

I'm not proud of this, but what I'm saying here is that this shit goes on all the time, and most of the time nothing is ever done about it. People had alot of bar choices around me, and if I wouldn't let them in they could wander down the street and find someone who did... the dumb ones would stand in the street yelling at me for an hour or so before leaving probably ruining their entire evening... but the fact of the matter is we live in a country with pretty much unlimited choices to get whatever service we require done... why fucking stand in the street and bitch about the one or two that don't want your money... just spend it elsewhere...

Fucking 1st world problems I tell you..
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