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By flashback

Was out on the big creek yesterday, despite wearing heart monitor and huge loss of balance after vaccine, there were pinners catching steelhead in a crease, sort of like fish in a barrel, but a few of them. No grabs myself but just a wonderful time out on a great river. It really is great being out there, funny that no leaf changes yet, this has been a strange year.
Hope a few can come up for the WNY stay in Nov, it’s been too long.
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By austrotard
as long as there's the rumour of vaccine passports I'm happy to stay right fucking here.

push for chunt flu passports.
and keep your country mtice free.
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By flashback
Kathy Hochul, NY governor made a speech in which she said “God wants you to be vaccinated”
Agreed that vaccination is most likely a good idea, it’s scary when officials say they know what god thinks.
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By pbrstreetgang
flashback wrote: Wed Oct 06, 2021 4:18 am it’s scary when elected career criminals officials say they know what anyone god thinks.
Fixed it for you.

I have a hard time believing anyone in any office of any significance at this point has a clue or gives a shit for the constituents, regardless of party. It's all about covid this, build-a-wall that, 1T Coin this, etc, ad nausem. Nothing is being solved, just pushed off a little bit because all these national woes get in the way of politicos making money.

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By austrotard
lists of careers that have not lost any wages or repercussions due to whoopsie daisy virus:

law enforcement
close third,perhaps photo finish... "health officials".

enjoy your boosters whilst we practice, sheeple.

the only good news is, and the last thing I'd piss and moan about was your overpopulation.
looks like that will sort itself soon.

so don't forget to hug your granny.
dementia will be a thing of the past. when it's time to go now... it's time to go.

cheers for all youse cunts that got the poke. enjoy the big c.
your cells now have better things to do. like fighting a head cold.


warm regerts,
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By Lando
You'd get along well here.......but then you already knew that.
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By austrotard
"don't re-nig in 2016"
I nearly died when I saw that on the back of a pick up in wyoming.

kinda like when I heard the term 'shitcunt' in engerland in '88.
funny how both were factual.

trout fishing in america.
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