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By FliesOnly
I say the ol' hot lead enema is due for these dirty bastages!
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By Smithhammer
H.R. 4241 passed by a vote of 217 to 215. This was supposed to be a "Deficit Reduction" bill. The sleazy practice of slipping in corporate-pandering provisions to bills that are totally unrelated is one the the most fucked-up, undemocratic practices in legislature. This provision had nothing to do with generating additional funds to reduce the deficit. Dick Pombo spends more on whores and champagne in a week than what is expected to be generated from public land sales to mining companies. He deserves a nice hot long soak in the Alamosa. And did anyone factor in the clean-up bills 20 years down the road, when the mining company suddenly goes bankrupt and can't be held accountable? I'm going to go listen to The Clash. LOUD.
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By Rooster
Dude, here in Prague it is 630pm on a Friday night and I check the boards one last time before going out for the night and I see downer...looks like I am going to have to kill a couple of hobos again to cheer myself up.Man, there is always the senate, right?
By cfisher
The House Reconsiliation Bill that Rep. Pombo slipped in his public lands sale provision passed this morning by two votes. Your right there is always the Senate and their version doesn't contain Pombo's mastermind provision to sell off our public lands. Next step is for it to go to conferance committee to hash out the differances between the House and Senate versions. Stay tuned all and get ready to rally the troops to ensure that Pombo's public lands sell off provision is not included in the final version that goes to Bush's desk..lord knows he's gonna sign it, he has every thing else that has crossed his ill-begotten desk!
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By Smithhammer
Update from"Although the House bill does not include provisions to drill the Arctic Refuge, it does contain a provision that could lead to the sale of millions of acres of public lands.The provision would allow the sale of existing and future mining claims on public lands, National Forest lands, and lands in our National Parks, even if the purchaser never intends to mine the claims. A conservative estimate of the provision's reach is some 4.5 million acres of public lands, including more than 600 "unpatented" mining claims in National Park units. Claimants would not even have to prove that their claims contain mineral deposits before they can purchase the rights to the land.It is wrong to use the reconciliation bill to force through a provision that could lead to the privatization of millions of acres of public lands.What's Nextn Both houses of Congress are scheduled to recess today for Thanksgiving. The House will return on December 6th and the Senate on December 12th. This means that the heavy work of resolving the remaining appropriations conferences will not be taken up until the Senate is back the week of December 12th.Given the dramatic differences between the two versions, and the controversial nature of many of the provisions, the conference negotiations could last for weeks, if not months. We will continue to alert you to how you can help us remove these controversial provisions and protect the Arctic Refuge from the final reconciliation package."
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By Glista
Brookwookie wrote:
Originally posted by Smithhammer:n This is not a partisan issue by any means
True, but once they're inside the beltway (a.k.a. the stinking toxic gorget of puerile filth that chokes away all good faith and principle like industrial solvent), they're all partisan issues. The jackals of all stripes have become far too comfortable. It's time to chase them up the windmill and set it ablaze and paint ourselves with their ashes and piss and howl like the savages they apparently expect us to be. Maybe that would serve as a warning to the rest of the bastards that they should stick to jobs as exterminators and Fox News executives and leave Congress to competent people with functioning souls.This thread caught me on the wrong day. I've been listening to The Clash all morning.
I don't quit understand all that is typed above, but I do know that it’s awesome.
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By Jon
Randall Dee wrote:Who are all these guys?
Smithhammer reportedly has been in the Federal Witness Protection program since 2012. No further information is available.

FliesOnly moved to the south where he competes regularly on the pro bass fishing circuit.

Following an incident involving a quart of mescal, some M-80's and a koi pond, WookieDave underwent a number of court-ordered electroshock treatments. He currently is in a secure facility in upstate NY, convinced he's the reincarnation of a Viking warrior named Olaf the Furious.

And the teapublicans still want to sell your public lands. :gun

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