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By troutjedi
mmmmmmmmmmm........Moosedroolman, I'm homesick
By Deerhawk
Jed,n www.northamericanbrewers.orgn Just click on 2006 awards. They have a link to the 2006 Mountain Brewers Beer Fest as well.n Drink Up! <img border="0" alt="[Band]" title="" src=[/img]raemlins/203.gif">
By Rooster
Originally posted by troutjedi:n mmmmmmmmmmm........Moosedroolman, I'm homesick
Whenever I visit my parents in Missoula, I always drink all my dad's moosedrool and he will get predictably pissed and go out and buy me a case of miller light or something else shitty and tell me not to drink his moosedrool. But then my mom will say to my dad: "But honey, he likes moosedrool and he cant get it where he lives." And my dad will grumble because he knows I have once again been given Carte Blanche to drink all his moosedrool. And I am left wondering at what point after i moved out of her house did my mom become so freakin' cool.
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By woolly bugger
I'll take a six pack of Black Fly Stout!

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