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By shutupandfish
Realtors/realty: Bad head shots, nicknames in quotes (like I fucking care if your friends call you "Liz"), perky part time personalities, euphemistic encoded language (handy man's special = money pit you should run from; sunny = no trees or shade, you will wear suntan lotion indoors; charm = fall back, empty adjective for quirky taste that not everyone will like). Jackals in blazers. Viva hate.
for instance
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By befuddled
I am abso-freakin-lutely tired of getting in trouble for taking 3-4 hour lunches. what the fuck? it takes like 30 minutes just to get to the river, that doesn't even have trout. rig up, etc, i've only got like 2:15 of actaul fishing on a 3 1/2 hr lunch. a bunch of bullshit.n orvis shops suck too. drift boats and $1400 rods in raleigh, nc. bite me.
By speybait
I'm tired of single ply-TP and fat kids drinking soda. As a matter of fact, I'm launching a class action law suit against the makers of all three (the TP/fat kids/soda). Who's in?
By coolconman
I'm tired of intersections that aren't either a 4-way stop or a roundabout. It's the only fair way to do it. And none of those bullshit wannabe roundabouts that are just a tree stuck in the middle of the road.
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By BigTimber
I'm tired of reading my old Drake magazine!(not really, but I had to get it in there) WHERE IS THE NEW ONE ALREADY!!!????(notice i used caps and 3 exclamation points? that means i really mean it)
By Spooled
I'm tired of seeing people get ahead not because of hard work, but because they had the fattest set of ass kissers in the whole company. I'm tired of seeing a bunch of cock smokin yes men being the ideal workers. I'm tired of people getting pissed if you show that you have a spine.
By coolconman
Hey spooled, it's not what you know, it's who you blow.I'm tired of crooked parking space lines. You pull in straight against one line. Then as you're walking away you notice your ass end is hanging over the other line. What the fuck! :gun:
By Bearmon
Of waiting for a new boobies and pie thread to start up.Of being jealous of 'Hammer and his trip to the YukonOf never having enough time to fishOf having to work for a livingOf never winning that goddamn lotteryOf the little barking, pissing, rat-like, leaving shit on my lawn, ugly fucking dog next door... and her poodle too!
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By flashback
Lawyers and reading of the latest lowlife who couldn't get out of the rain suing for getting wet.
By tarpon slime sunscreen
Tired? I got a new set just the other day...But ya' know what really pisses me off, people who think the rest of the world has to look out for them. People who think it's always someone else's fault that they've got shit for brains. Oh, and the no moral or ethic lawyers who support them and our gutless legal that doesn't have the balls to step up and say [/img]et the hell out of this court room ya' whinny bastard and don't ever come back. We got real issues to legitimatize like the next idiot over using A-1 steak sauce ruining a fine piece of dead cow." Now you've done it - I'm so tired I need some tequila.
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