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Hey All
One of the most historic rivers in Wisconsin is under pretty serious threat. There is a failing culvert that is now close to collapse, and is eroding into Nebagamon Creek. If this fails, mass amounts of sediment will wash into the Brule, wreaking havoc on the trout habitat and the associated aquatic creature populations (insects, invertebrates, etc). This would impact the river environment for years to come - including avian and other non-aquatic species that depend on the Brule for sustenance. In order to get the work done on the culvert to prevent issue, a few funds have been set up - from DNR funds to a Fish and Wildlife Service grant. However, there is still a good ways to go to cover this project.
If you can, throw a few bucks in the hat and pass it around.
If you've fished the Brule before, you'll know the importance of keeping this amazing river flowing, unimpeded. If you haven't fished it - here's your chance to secure its future so you might have a shot at fishing it one day.
Link to the Brule River Rats Stweardship Council funding page: ... e-project/

$10 gets you a pretty sweet sticky, and my gratitude.
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