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By tailchaser
Welp... Drake hasn't changed much.

Fuck off Mr period.
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By yard4sale
100 round magazines. Seriously?

Kill 9 people with cops standing right there. Kinda defeats the good guy with a gun theory eh?
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By mitch aka 2 fish
so what's the answer?

are we going to be responsible and start looking after our own?
or is that just a silly idea as we're so privileged we should just keep apologising?
it's funny. I taught my girls to walk and talk but they're just told to stand still and observe... and 'you can't say that.'

doing fuck all seems to be going pretty well, mind.
enjoy that vicious circle, cunts.

I'm looking after my own.
no apologies.
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By yard4sale
A legit response. Nice Sean.

I’m not sure what you mean by “our own”. Family? Country? Race? Why can’t we find solutions for all of the above.

I understand that mass shootings are a small part of gun violence. However, they are unique to ‘Merica and are scary as shit because of the random nature.

I’ve been to the Gilroy Garlic Festival a couple times. I nearly bought a house in that area before moving north. I usually went late Sunday to avoid the masses and get stuff on sale. Had I decided to settle down there it realistic I would have been there at the time with my family. There is another drakian who lives close by and is a good cook who might have been there too. Suicide is dark and personal. Murderis typically between parties that have some connection. Mass shootings can happen to any of us in the US at any time apparently.

There is a gray area between arming ourselves to the teeth and big brother storming your house to remove all guns.

Magazine limits. To my post above, who the fuck needs 100 round mags? Soldiers don’t even carry that shit. 15 rounds sounds reasonable to me but I’d be open to some debate on that.

Universal background checks. 90% of Americans support this. The house passed a bipartisan bill but it just sits on some asshat from Kentucky’s desk.

Minimum age for assault rifles. You have to be 21 to buy a hand gun but not an AK47? I get that there are young hobby shooters and it’s tricky to define assault rifle but let’s inject some reasoning.

Red flag laws. If your family doesn’t think you should have a gun then it’s probably a good idea for law enforcement to have a means to check it out and possibly confiscate those guns until you can show you aren’t a risk.

I understand this won’t stop anything all together. But as mass shootings increase in frequency these steps may slow the carnage. Yes, mental health is another factor that needs addressing. That should be part of the health care debate(notice how one party is quick to blame mental health while also tearing down the values of health care?). I support the right to bear arms, but in a well regulated way. However, my right to life and liberty is more fundamental.
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By mitch aka 2 fish
let's say country as there is no race. and if there is, where does it start and where does it finish?
show me on the globe.

sad thing is these little nutters know more of dc/marvel than they do love/respect.

how many fucking superhero films last year? how many video games released?

we're allowing our fellow countrymen to be duped.
we're saying it's okay to sit at home wrapped around a bong and watching games of thrones or whatever the fuck it is.
we're saying it's okay to describe yourself fantastically online to meet women.
we're saying no to legit questions asked regarding our well-being.
we need to treat men like men.
do remember your grandfather, mate? did he applaud and push diversity with every chance he had?

I don't want my girls marrying a 'western' male of today. I don't even want the cunt in the house.

we've a generation of kids apologising for shit they have to learn in history class.
small wonder they want to shoot people. hell, I want to shoot people.
it'll happen again. but we know that. probably the weekend.

I believe families need be held accountable.
junior spending every fucking hour online isn't going to end well.
and he didn't amass an arsenal between breakfast and elevenses.

we just go 'round and 'round and 'round with this shit.
when I heard someone say 'they're not mentally ill' I shut our "news" off.
people talk too much. they don't do anything but talk.
it doesn't do anything. this post doesn't do anything. no one is going to read it and change.

we need to stop wasting our time and ourselves.
we need to show pride not promote shame. maybe start at home.
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By yard4sale
I agree with much of what you are saying. I lost a lot of faith ten years ago when kids were taught to call for a tow truck instead of taught to change a tire. It’s been downhill since.

Times change. I remember rolling around in the backseat of my moms car unteathered. Both my grandads were dead before I knew them but I remember my dad almost getting arrested arguing a seat belt ticket(his third).

I’m hat said mass shootings are a uniquely American issue. You know what else is uniquely American? Gun culture. Everybody has video games/internet/cell phones/etc. only we have 19 year olds shooting as many people as possible.

I get what you are saying about talk. In and of itself it doesn’t actually do anything. But talk leads to understanding. Understanding leads to informed voters which leads to a better government. That’s why I bring this shit here. I accept the opinion of some of the gun rights folks here and it helps me better understand the issue. I may not agree but it makes me a better voter because of it.

The fact that 90% of Americans agree on universal checks just shows that we need more dialog on why the reps aren’t representing us and how WE can change the system.

I’d rather be an idealist and work for change than simply give up. I believe talk counts as work in that regard.
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By fly-chucker
the world is officially ending....

Smitch and Yard agreeing on something, a sure sign of endtimes

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