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By n8
so who all is fishing this weekend and where are you goin? im headed to the little red in ar-kansas. from what i hear, theyre biting!
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By jerome
depending on the weather, Got a hunt to help with sat. which means a little fishing in the down time.... and hopefully chase some stripers on the lake here or go after some trouts sunday if i can talk someone else into going. :cool
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By n8
good to hear there are some people goin fishing. i have got spring fever like crazy. i cant wait to hit the road tonight.
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By Lando
Yep. Half-day of work today, Sat, Sun., and Monday. :smile
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By Plow
Locked up in DC for another 2 weeks. I got some serious fishing planned once I get home. I will be going to TieFest 2008 in Chester, MD on Saturday. Popovics and Farrar will be tying. :cool
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By Salmotrutta
Oh Shit- The Bitch just walked in with a new Nikon Camera & New Printer.
As a counter move I called the closest Sage dealer & reserved their last Z Axis 586-4.
I'll be picking up my new friend in the AM. Fuck Yeah!
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By jerome
Nice Salmo, very nice.... and you get to use camera and the rod.. so you scored 2x...... well played old chap... :cool :bow
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Drove over the Poudre in town, was thawed, so I will hit it there Monday. Tomorrow, will hit the tailwater of the North Fork where it empties out of (deleted) reservoir. First time in 3 months that I've read the forecast and it hasn't been "Winds, 15-25 with gusts to 50" actually says "Winds 10-15, becoming calm"...incredible. :cool
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