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The search lasted for weeks. Friends and family continued looking for the fishing party long after the official search was over. Henry Bain is still tormented by the loss and the unanswered questions. "There is a guy here with the Bahamian government who my other brother went to see," says Henry. "This fellow went and spoke with the police in Cuba, trying to figure out if they somehow drifted into Cuban waters or ended up there somehow. He was high up in the government and could find out nothing."

Cargill Creek Lodge folded shortly after Stanley's disappearance. It was eventually purchased in 2003 by Rupert Leadon and is now part of the Andros Island Bonefish Club. Grassy Cay lodge lies in ruins on the south end, where local guides will sometimes point it out to their guests when talking about the history and mysteries of Andros.

All that remains of Stanley and his crew twelve years after their disappearance from this beautifully desolate island are rumors, conjecture, and speculation. Stories and conspiracy theories pervade the back channels and endless, bonefish-filled flats that stretch around Andros, adding to the mystery of Stanley Bain and his place in Bahamian flyfishing lore.

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