2012 Winter Contents

Drake 2013 Winter Issue
  • Winter 2013: Put-In
  • Undammed Rivers Revival
  • Escape to Scorpion Reef
  • Bill McMillan
  • Ride with Clyde Part IV
  • Beach Boys
  • Medalhead
  • Tagging Alberto
  • Andrew Bennett
  • 7 Traits of the Tropical Dog
  • Please Release Me
  • Dark Knight of Bristol Bay
  • Fishin The Boat
  • Wind with a Change of Stripers
  • Vice Dreams
  • Chocolate Milk Creek

City Limits: Orlando, Florida

Sneaking onto a golf course to catch a few unguarded bass is one of the most time-honored traditions in flyfishing, especially if you’re a golfer. Who among us hasn’t walked down some random Sun Belt fairway (or rough, more likely) only to peer upon a hungry four-pounder lurking in a water hazard along the way? What a waste, right?

Image: Dave Skok

From Maine to the Gulf of Mexico

Off the coast of New Jersey a fly angler named Ed Janiga hooked and landed a five-pound false albacore near Mantoloking. He stuck a tag from the American Littoral Society into its caudal peduncle, the thin strip of meat between the second dorsal and the tail fin. Eight months later a commercial fisherman named Wes Stevens caught Ed’s albie off the coast of Pompano Beach, Florida—reportedly to sell as marlin bait—and noticed tag number 778562 sticking out of its back. He returned it to the Littoral Society, the first time a tagged false albacore had been successfully documented.