2014 Spring Contents

Drake 2014 Spring Issue


  • Silver Tiger Taimen
    Exploring Russia's Koppi River watershed for seductive, sea-going, Sakhalin taimen.
    By Ryan Peterson. Photos by John Sherman
  • Shop Dogs
    Meet the greeting committee.
    By Stephen Schwartz
  • Starting Out
    With Mother's Day and Father's Day right around the corner, we share a few stories on the people who taught us to fish.
    By Richard Bach, Reid Bryant, and Andrew Stoehr
  • The Lake Trout Issue
    Many people have strong, passionate feelings about native vs. introduced species. Especially in Yellowstone National Park.
    By Sarah Grigg, Carter Andrews, and Tom Bie
  • Departments

  • Page Six Chix
    Tats, a jack, and a smallmouth? What's not to love?
  • Put-in
    On regionalism and “smuggling”
  • Rises
    More Skeena feedback, and some really sweet skis
  • Tailwater Weekend
    Oregon's Crooked River is more romantic than Paris
    By Chester Allen
  • Scuddlebutt
    Northwest steelhead drama, Clyde heads east, scotch tasting, California's Klamath, weed-buyer's guide, Connecticut's survivor-strain browns, Kickstarter fundraising, Henry's Fork Anglers, pike fishing in Maine, and more Montana access issues
  • Tippets
    A Driftless story, despondent steelheading, spring stripers, Michigan by moonlight, a bonefish poem, a really nice rooster, fab fallfish, and ‘Glades tarpon
  • Redspread
    St. Augustine, Florida: more redfish, fewer yankees
    By Mike Hodge
  • Passport
    Hanging with a holy man
    By Kym Goldsworthy
  • Bugs
    Yellow Sally of the South
    By Zach Matthews
  • City Limits
    A morning commute in Chicago
    By Timothy Adkins
  • Rod Holders
    Igor Linda, flyfishing's man in Poland
    By Dave Karczynski
  • Backcountry
    Colorado's Indian Peaks Wilderness Area
    By Steven Schweitzer
  • Permit Page
    I'm so much better than you are.
    By Jason Houston
Fundamentally Rare

Behavior-based conservation

The Belizean coastline stretches along 239 miles of pleasant places to visit. Tourists who come here, even for the first time, often want to help save it. And there’s a lot to save in Belize—jaguars and Scarlet Macaws and lots and lots of fish. There’s also plenty to save the country from, like Jimmy Buffett playlists and grandma-packed cruise ships and an endless stream of extractive, exploitive industries. It’s an old story: A small country flourishes, and then its resources shrink until they’re gone. Unless someone steps in and rewrites the script.

Silver Tiger Taimen

One salmon to rule them all

Photos by John Sherman

On the hundred-and-first cast the first strip felt dull, the second heavy, and the third came tight with a thuggish throb. Silver and pink flashed underwater a split second before the river broke in a shower of water ten feet across. "Taimen! Taimen! Taimen!" yelled Victor Voydilov, who was popping up and down on the rocks behind me waving his hands. "Set the hook! Hard! Harder!" Adrenaline. It felt like the line was connected to my spine. A phrase looped in my head: This is a sea-run taimen.

Colorado Stoners Go Fishing

And you're invited.

Back in January, NOAA meteorologists reported a brilliant haze-like anomaly ascending into the atmosphere high above Colorado's famed 14ers. Dubbed the "Puffy Grail" it's since been attributed to a mass exhale sparked by lawmakers legalizing in-state recreational marijuana sales.

It's now kosher to purchase and smoke pot in Colorado—where Johnny Law allows—and as anglers prepare for post-runoff hatches, basking in these newfound freedoms is as simple as plucking a winning fly from an assortment of fly-shop bins.


Thirteen shitty flyfishing Kickstarter ideas

  1. 127 Hours. An un-edited collection of GoPro footage from my summer spent guiding on the Madison.
  2. Nine Pounds of Melted Mono. Art project using 60 spools of Trilene, a campfire, and two bottles of Evan Williams.
  3. Book Project: Tuesdays with Cheney: 50 Places You’ll Never Flyfish Before You Die Because Obamacare Pilfered Your Savings and Dick accidentally Shot You in the Face.

I Went Steelheading Today

Not that it mattered

I'd planned to fish something new, and was ready for a bold adventure. But then I remembered promising my buddy that I'd do some light mechanical work on his stupid Accord that evening. That guy doesn't even fish. Anyway, no one likes exploring with a time constraint, so I resigned myself to fishing the same old stupid river I always do.

I usually like to swing the bait-water on weekdays. But when I arrived, the water level revealed that to be a bad idea. Since I'd forgotten my jig and bobber in my other pants, I shot up to the fly water.