1. 127 Hours. An un-edited collection of GoPro footage from my summer spent guiding on the Madison.
  2. Nine Pounds of Melted Mono. Art project using 60 spools of Trilene, a campfire, and two bottles of Evan Williams.
  3. Book Project: Tuesdays with Cheney: 50 Places You’ll Never Flyfish Before You Die Because Obamacare Pilfered Your Savings and Dick accidentally Shot You in the Face.
  4. Flyfishing-themed condoms, by Derek DeYoung.
  5. Hipsters in Hip Waders. A 16-month calendar
  6. Road ’Head: Me and Ricky’s steelheading road trip from Salmon River, NY, to Anchorage, detailed on my Twitter feed.
  7. Gink Drink:Twelve Flavors of Floatant
  8. The Little Blue Book of Fly Fishing That Should Sit On Your Shelf Just Left of Kirk Deeter’s Little Red Book of Fly Fishing
  9. Copen-bacon® Tobacco. Fishing with a dip just got better thanks to this tobacco-infused chew with Bacon-y Flavor™
  10. Fat Flyfisher Fitness Assistant: The Little Debbie/Double Haul Calorie Converter App
  11. Droney: Your abusive, flying-robot fishing guide
  12. 9X™ Tippet material cloud storage
  13. Instruction: 1,001 Crappie Flies; An Illustrated Tying Guide

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