Spring 2016 Contents

Drake 2016 spring Issue


  • Flowing Ambition
    Jason Atkinson has always had a special connection to the Klamath River. But in the fight to restore it, will his connection be enough to bring down the dams?
    By Steven Hawley
  • BayWatch II
    Magdalena (Baja), Jamaica (NYC), Biscayne (Florida), Grand Traverse (Michigan), Thorne (Alaska).
    By Scott Sadil, Monte Burke, Pete McDonald, Matt Dunn, and E. Donnell Thomas
  • Dog Days of Spring
    There's no flyfishing face like a dog's flyfishing face.
    By Tosh Brown, Camrin Dengel, Russ Schnitzer, Lee Church, Jess McGlothin, Tim romano, Jim Klug, Austin Trayser, and Earl Harper
  • Return to Providence
    Six years after a horrendous piracy epidemic closed the Outer Islands of the Seychelles, liveaboard boats bring flyfishing back to Providence Atoll.
    By Tom Bie Photos by Jim Klug


  • Page Six Chix
    If you can't make it to California or Idaho, just swing by the Seychelles.
  • Put-in
    On managing expectations—at both ends of the boat.
  • Rises
    Bumper stickers, hospital visits, and promotional ideas.
  • Scuddlebutt
    Steelheading loses an icon, whiskey in Wyoming, ultra-realistic flies, guide-school dropouts, salmon super-highway, Malheur's other tragedy, Orvis schools at 50, MT stoneflies, Clyde's carping, Trask gets political
  • Tailwater Weekend
    Big browns in the Oregon desert.
    By Sam Lungren
  • Tippets
    Steelhead movies, quiet tarpon, Big Trev, the scent of a good bag, urban carping, we like 'em laid-up, New York road trip, largemouth love
  • Redspread
    Fishing with Capt. Ben Paschal on Texas' lower Laguna Madre.
    By Alex Landeen
  • Passport
    Backcountry huts and brown trout in Tasmania.
    By Mark Cloutier
  • Bugs
    The heavyweight status of a light cahill.
    By Jason Skruck
  • City Limits
    Spring training and urban fishing in the Arizona sunshine.
    By KC Badger and Ben Smith
  • Rodholders
    Yousuf Shaikh—Best dang Bangledeshi guide you'll ever meet.
    By Tosh Brown
  • Backcountry
    Cutties on Colorado's Hermosa Creek.
    By Ben Haguewood
  • Permit Page
    Leonardo DiCaprio's misplaced plan for Belize's Blackadore Caye.
    By Omar Arceo

Don’t do it Leonardo. And a few words from Omar Arceo

I want to share this award with all the indigenous communities around the world. It is time that we recognize your history, and that we protect your indigenous lands from corporate interests and people that are out there to exploit them. It is time that we heard your voice. —Leonardo DiCaprio, Golden Globes, Jan. 10, 2016

One man’s battle to free the Klamath

[The Obama administration and California officials are set to announce an agreement to remove four hydroelectric dams on the Klamath River, sidestepping Congress to restore its salmon and steelhead fisheries. The move would result in the largest river restoration in U.S. history. A news conference trumpeting the deal will take place today at the Yurok Reservation in Klamath (Del Norte County), with Calif. Gov. Jerry Brown joining Oregon Gov. Kate Brown; Interior Secretary Sally Jewell; National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency Administrator Kathryn Sullivan; and PacifiCorp's Stefan Bird. Here, Drake contributor Steven Hawley tells the extraordinary story of former Oregon state Sen. Jason Atkinson, who's played an integral role in the process. —ed.]

Deli Meat

On the road to recovery

Cleaning a meat slicer requires a certain kind of finesse. It takes concentration, patience, and that funny muscle in your upper forearm. I’m standing awkwardly behind the glass counter at Terri's Deli in upstate New York, my oddly shaped teenage torso hunched over the slicer. My toothpick arms move carefully back and forth as my fingers get raisin-y from clutching the bleach-stained towel. With every stroke I remove small bits of Boar's Head from the crevasses in our world-class Hobart. One eye one the clock, I begin to move rapidly. 

The harsh smells of a hardworking companion

The inaugural unfurling took place four years ago in Yellowstone, on Slough Creek's high meadow reaches. Plush 650-fill down internals provided a cozy bulwark against the still frigid nighttime lows of early spring. Her rugged inflatable underside took the edge off pointy rocks and smothered knobby roots for a comfortable night's slumber. While her lightweight performance, plus “mateable-zipper” convenience, ensured long-haul portability, and the allure of sex in the woods.

Secretly famous steelhead movies

We were steelhead junkies, hooked on moving water. Rivers flowed through us like a stiff Texas breeze. Over a weekend we'd soak up enough to keep us sane for a while, but eventually the beetles would begin to scutter around in our heads again, and we knew it was time to load the truck with whiskey and waders and get to a river. So Duggan Harman and I went up to the Thompson for a few days to see what the river had planned for us.