Summer 2016 Contents

Drake 2016 Summer Issue


  • Shadow Grab
    Summer steelhead have developed one of the most complex and varied life histories of all Pacific fish. We have learned so much, yet the most basic question remains: Why do they—or don't they—eat a fly?
    By John Larison
  • I'll Take a Half-Dozen Malpeques and a Cocktail. A Tribute to Jim Harrison
    You may have read some other Jim Harrison tributes since the end of March. But not like this one.
    By Miles Nolte
  • National Park of Flyfishing
    Four million acres of brown bears, big lakes, volcanos, rivers, rainbows, salmon, and most of all, wilderness.
    By Ryan Peterson
  • Of Mice and Brown Trout
    The summer of 2015 was a mousy time to be fishing central Idaho. If you happened to miss it, never fear: photographer Nick Price had your back.
    Story and photos by Nick Price


  • Page Six Chix
    You've all seen brown trout on this page before. But a whitey and a bright chum? We think not.
  • Put-in
    “I don't even care if I catch a fish—I just love being out here!”
  • Rises
    Whiskey i.d. crisis, ugly cuticles, and six degrees of flats fishing.
  • Scuddlebutt
    Catching tagged permit, Grand Teton National Park, Clyde hits Minnesota, world's oldest fly shop, Puget Sound cutthroat, Montana grayling, Colorado's inmate rod-builders, Potomac snakehead, bumping off brookies, and a new resort in Belize
  • Tailwater Weekend
    Peebers and Fajitas on Colorado's Taylor Fork.
    By Elliott Adler
  • Tippets
    Coho from an Alaskan beach, tossing and turning on the road, chasing largemouth with friends in California, chasing smallmouth with Jesse James in Minnesota, float-tubing San Diego Bay, single-issue voting, and carping in backwater Georgia
  • Redspread
    Crayfish and redfish in Grand Isle, Louisiana.
    By Miles Nolte
  • Passport
    Swinging for Atlantic salmon on Ireland's River Laune.
    By Greg Vincent
  • Bugs
    Meet the Beetles.
    By Miles Nolte
  • City Limits
    Finding hungry white bass in the Detroit River.
    By Dustin Walsh
  • Rodholders
    The not-quite-yet retirement of James Babb.
    By Ryan Brod
  • Backcountry
    Diggin' for gold in West Virginia.
    By Ben Moyer
  • Permit Page
    You never forget your first. A day in Placencia, Belize.
    By Matt Hansen

A Tribute to Jim Harrison

Upon learning of Jim Harrison's death, reputedly hunched over his typewriter at work on a poem, I gather some of my favorite books and walk to a nearby bar. Perching on a stool by the window, I order a tequila cocktail and a half dozen Malpeque oysters. The oysters arrive, lascivious, nearly quivering in their fleshy wetness on a bed of ice. The drink comes pink, in a daiquiri glass, topped with an orchid blossom. Presentations can be misleading; the liquor is strong and the mixture more pepperysour than sweet.