Fall 2018 Contents

Drake 2018 Fall Issue


  • Wade Rivers
    On the famed steelhead rivers of British Columbia, it’s important to take a confident approach—with the guides, the fish, and most importantly, the dinner table.
    Fiction by Lani Waller and photos by Adam Tavender
  • Fixing the Island
    A flyfishing trip to the Bahamas can mean different things to different people. It’s about chasing bones, sure, but what are you willing to sacrifice for good fishing?
    Story by Darcy Lohmiller and photos by Tosh Brown and Jim Klug
  • Alagashed
    Not all muskies are found in the lakes of Minnesota or Wisconsin. Sometimes, you drive north from Portland. Backcountry musky-hunting on the crown of Maine.
    Story by Ryan Brod and photos by Ryan Brod and Lee Church
  • Mayhem on the Miramichi
    Striped bass numbers on New Brunswick’s Miramichi River have topped a million, dwarfing the number of Atlantic salmon. And the salmon anglers aren’t happy.
    Story and photos by Ben Carmichael


  • Put-in
    It’s almost November. Let’s talk some politics, shall we?
  • Rises
    A little love: from Ireland, from Cali, and from a baitcaster.
  • Scuddlebutt
    The Modern Fish Act, beer testing, fishing Wyoming’s Wind, Alaska’s Ballot Measure 1, casting and blasting in Georgia, false albies and Blackbeard, author Keith McCafferty, Casting 4 A Cure in Idaho, and an intriguing trial begins in Dallas.
  • Tailwater Weekend
    When on the Henry’s Fork, does anyone actually fish?
    By Michael Wright
  • Tippets
    Head-trauma recovery; battling breast cancer; mansplaining; Aussie-rules relationships; theft by an Eagle; iaido, iaido all day; mediocre Alaskan; and picking Wisco road-trip tunes.
  • Redspread
    South Carolina redfish-chasing, down at the “Corner Store.”
    By Jeff Scoggin
  • Passport
    A brief look at the brook trout of Labrador.
    By Jamie Carr
  • Bugs
    Craneflies: under-appreciated and under-fished.
    By Elliot Adler
  • City Limits
    True autumn striper fishing starts after dark.
    By James Wu
  • Rodholders
    The passion and resolve of steelheader Steve Pettit.
    By Steven Hawley
  • Backcountry
    Chasing smallmouth on the Wild and Scenic St. Croix.
    Story and photos by Tom Hazelton
  • Permit Page
    A Mexican native shows us how to win in Key West.
    By Geoff Mueller

A father-daughter duo face serious charges in Texas

The last week in September can be one of the finest of the year for flyfishers, but lodge owner Jerry Shults and his daughter Amy Herrig did not look to be enjoying it in 2018, as they spent the week in the Federal courthouse in Dallas facing 17 counts of drug trafficking, conspiracy, and money laundering. The trial is expected to run through much of Oct., with both Shults and Herrig facing potential life sentences.