fbi seizure

In what has been coined "Operation Payback," WikiLeaks and the hacker group known as Anonymous have allegedly targeted Drake Magazine intelligence, stymieing its PayPal systems and scrambling the free flow of its members' illicit ramblings for more than 24 hours last week.

Speaking to us via coded HTML brail documents delivered over dial-up Internet, Deputy Marshall of The Drake IT Empire, Grant Summerlin, says the fault lies entirely with the U.S. government for allowing infinite Internet accessibility.

Today we sit down with the unabashed and articulate Kenny Powers from HBO’s hit sitcom Eastbound & Down. Powers career recently took a turn south, driving to Copales, Mexico, where he’s now rocking cornrows and assumed the alter ego, Steve Janowski. Biding his time throwing pitches, cockfighting, and partying with Aaron the midget, he has still yet to pick up a fly rod. Here’s why. —GM


The tequila cobwebs were sticky and thick that hot July afternoon. So too were the 20-pound tarpon holding down turf wars, smearing the blood of wayward interlopers swimming their mangrove barrios. The salty streets can be mean but I didn’t realize how mean until I encountered my first Centropomus undecimalis—snook. I overshot that rookie cast by a fish-length, stripped it alongside a black lateral line, and by the time it reached gill plate, peripherally sensing something worth annihilating, the fish cranked its head 90-degrees and smashed my bug.

Death Bridge

Local guides call it Death Bridge. From the road it looks old and crusty. Up close in a drift boat it looks down right scary. The ancient railroad trestle runs across a section of an anonymous river in south central Colorado. Structurally speaking this bridge was clearly built in an era long past. A combination of cement and wood support form the abutments, which are spaced much closer together than those constructed today. Once you are intimate with Death Bridge you can see that the water does not flow clearly through. The river pushes up against each abutment at an awkward angle –pulling whatever comes in its path against the old support pylons. Putting a drift boat under Death Bridge is like threading a needle.

A photo essay of sorts

There’s a short-lived phenomenon in Rocky Mountains called “fall”: browns begin their staging shenanigans, people get all jacked-up over homecoming parades, leaves turn and drop with morning frosts, and seasonal beers develop earthy tones with the promise of impending winter.

This past weekend was big, at least as far as Colorado waters are concerned. Rivers like the Frying Pan gushed at near flood levels, while the Colorado and Roaring Fork also gauged in at monstrous cfs proportions. Crashing Aspen for the first annual Outside in Aspen festivities, this weather scenario of rain, runoff, and muddy waters didn’t bode well for the weekend fishing outlook.

 So… what to do when the weather deals you a gnarly hand? The plan Bs looked a little like this: Source out hidden pond, a tailwater or two, and pay respects to one of flyfishing's (and the journalism community’s) fallen soldiers. And, of course, a night of Super Diamonds action at the Belly Up in Downtown Aspen.

Dallas, Texas. There is one scene, early in the film adaptation of David James Duncan’s The River Why, where flyfishermen will undoubtedly connect with the movie. It comes the day Gus Orviston, played by Zach Gilford, ditches his parents and his life and moves into a run-down cabin along an Oregon coastal stream. After bringing in his minimal possessions, Gus wanders out onto his back porch, looks down at the beautiful river beneath him, and is filled with joy and excitement at the prospect of his “perfect schedule” (which includes “14 and a half hours of fishing” per day).

“I think a writer owes the readers a new way of telling a story.”
—Ken Kesey

magazinesAs the 15th Drake makes its way across the country this fall, I find myself intrigued by all the recent chatter on the downfall of magazines, most of it coming from new-media pundits shouting their favorite proclamation: “Print is dead!”

Sooty OliveThese ten flies* were found hanging on a wall in central France. Whoever can tie the best replicas of these ten flies (real muskrat not necessary for Muskrat strip--but it couldn't hurt), and present them in a photo on The Drake board by July 1, will win a brand new Bauer Jr Mac reel (MSRP:$230).

"Best" will be decided by open judging among the members.

New Owners Ensure a Future for the Flyfishing Film Tour

A mass e-mail went out on December 31st from the four "Fish Bum" members of AEG—Thad Robison, Justin Crump, Chris Owens, and Brian Jill —to all of the 2009 sponsors of the Flyfishing Film Tour. The message contained three short sentences, with the important one right up top:

"Effective today 12/31/08, I have resigned from AEG Media. It has been a pleasure working with you."

The announcement sent off a landslide of speculation in the flyfishing blogopshere as to what caused the foursome to resign and what the future might hold for the Flyfishing Film Tour.