About Us

Drakemag.com is a supplement to the Drake Magazine, a grassroots journal for flyfishing enthusiasts. It was founded in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, in the summer of 1998 on the principle that too much contemporary outdoor writing gives away all the answers to people who never learned what the questions were.

Today it includes emerging voices right alongside tried and true veteran craftsmen and women. The Drake is distributed throughout the nation, and is expanding into other regions of North America, but contains good writing about anywhere in the world. The Drake Magazine is not an instructional publication - it is for your reading and viewing enjoyment. The drakemag.com website will include stories and photos from the magazine, but we recommend you buy the real thing. For questions about the magazine, us, or our website, please send us an e-mail.

Tom Bie - Editor. Tom is the founder, publisher, and editor-in-chief of The Drake. He started the magazine in 1998 in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and grew it from a 32-page newsprint rag to a respected 124-page glossy—now featuring writers such as David James Duncan, Ted Leeson, Tom McGuane, Ian Frazier, Scott Sadil, and Monte Burke.

Geoff Mueller - Senior Editor. Geoff cut his editorial teeth working the Interior B.C. newspaper circuit. He came to The Drake in April 2010 to head senior editor duties as the magazine transitions into a quarterly publication cycle. He is the former managing editor at Fly Fisherman Magazine and is a frequent contributor at Angling Trade and B.C.-based Kootenay Mountain Culture magazines.

Grant Summerlin - Online Editor. Grant is the drakemag.com's website developer and is president of 7 Weight website development company.

If you'd like to carry The Drake in your store, call (720) 638-3114 and leave a message.