Frustrated that The Drake Magazine only comes out four times a year? Well now there’s more. Introducing The Drake’s new weekly flyfishing podcast, The DrakeCast. Just like the magazine, we’re bringing you stories--some fun, some serious. Except this time, you don't have to read. All you have to do is press play.

There are a lot of great flyfishing podcasts out there that interview legends within the industry or tell you how to catch more fish. Each episode of this podcast contains interviews and tips, but neither are the main focus. Our goal is to put listeners on the water and make them laugh. If they learn a thing or two, all the better. In the first few episodes, we chase trout on a nearly frozen stream in Northern Wisconsin, check in on Great Smoky Mountains National Park after a fire tried to burn it to the ground, and swing flies for Great Lakes steelhead on Michigan's Pere Marquette River.

Each episode relates back to flyfishing, but sometimes the connection can be subtle. For example, how did the reconstruction of a dam in Kentucky affect the non-native trout below? How are the changes in the ecology of Lake Michigan affecting lake-run fish and the anglers that target them? 

We release a new episode of The DrakeCast every Friday morning. Our hope is that you listen to our show as you drive to your favorite fishing hole. If you're not able to make it out of the office that weekend, plug us in while your boss isn't looking. 

When you press play, we hope to tingle that ever-so-sensitive spot inside your ear drum.

You can subscribe to The DrakeCast via these links: iTunes, Stitcher, Soundcloud. Make sure to check back each week to see behind-the-scenes photos taken during the recording of each episode.


the DrakeCast Fly Fishing Podcast 37 Mosquito Lagoon Redfish

Mosquito Lagoon sits on Florida's East Coast and is known as the redfish capitol of the world. We made a visit to these hallowed waters to see what all the hubbub is about. While poling around in search of tails, we found a much more interesting, disturbing tale of neglect, destruction, and a fishery on the edge. By the end of this episode we'll have to ask ourselves about the effectiveness of every current conservation project around the world.

The DrakeCast Fly Fishing Podcast Tarpon BTT

In early May, we headed south to the Florida Keys to grab Clyde and deliver him north. But while we were down there, we figured we better get into some tarpon. But we weren't just there to jump of even catch a tarpon. It’s what we were going to do after landing the fish that really matters, and will have a long-lasting impact on what we know about these oversized minnows.

The DrakeCast Fly Fishing Podcast The Road Trip Steelhead Mousing F3T

These episodes of the DrakeCast conclude the Road Trip Miniseries, which follows the Fly Fishing Film Tour road crew as they make their way from coast to coast to coast. In episode #34 we'll hear about the steelhead of Oregon and their Michigander cousins. Episode #35 tracks the team from Michigan to Georgia to California to Colorado. Along the way you'll hear stories about a night bite on the White, some shad loving yokels, and where the crew is headed next.

the DrakeCast Fly Fishing Podcast The F3T

Every January, three fishing bums make a pilgrimage to Boulder, Colorado. While in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, the young wards practice the ancient art of moving coolers, throwing swag into raucous crowds, and pressing play on a Blu Ray player. Upon the completion of their training, the crew heads out on the open road to present the Fly Fishing Film Tour to hungry crowds. This is part one of that adventure.

The DrakeCast Fly Fishing Podcast S. Carey Jeff Johnson

Way back in June of 2017 we released the first episode of The DrakeCast, which featured the musician Sean Carey. He told us about his living room tours across the country that were more or less an excuse for him to fish with his best friends. We take the first half of this episode to hear some of Sean's new music and his latest fishing adventures. In the second half of the episode we check in with Capt. Jeff Johnson of Rockport, Texas to hear how the people and fish of the Texas coast are faring after the devastation wrought by Hurricane Harvey.

The DrakeCast Fly Fishing Podcast Spring 2018 Preview with Tom Bie

While the Spring 2018 issue of The Drake Magazine is on its way to fly shops and mailboxes across the country, we figured we'd give you eager readers a taste of what to expect. In this episode of The DrakeCast, we chat with editor Tom Bie about the stories covered in the most recent issue, talk to a few of the contributing writers, hear a dramatic reenactment of a controversial piece, and listen to the lilt of an urban Irish fisherman.

The DrakeCast Fly Fishing Podcast The Story Behind Hank Patterson

Roughly six years ago, Hank Patterson was born. He exited the womb as a physically grown, mentally stymied flyfishing expert and guide. But before there was Hank, there was a Shakespearean actor turned video producer named Travis Swartz. This is their story. 

The DrakeCast Fly Fishing Podcast The Big Horn River

Montana’s Bighorn River is known throughout the world as a premier, blue-ribbon trout stream. The fishery below Yellowtail Dam holds some of the most robust tour-per-mile numbers in the nation. But in the last decade, the river has changed. There’s more water, the fish are skinnier, and some say it’s just not the way it used to be. This episode of The DrakeCast takes a float down the Bighorn in search of why this river is experiencing these negative results. While we’re on the water, we’ll hear from ranchers, fisheries biologists, and the happiest fisherman in the world.