Frustrated that The Drake Magazine only comes out four times a year? Well now there’s more. Introducing The Drake’s new weekly flyfishing podcast, The DrakeCast. Just like the magazine, we’re bringing you stories--some fun, some serious. Except this time, you don't have to read. All you have to do is press play.

There are a lot of great flyfishing podcasts out there that interview legends within the industry or tell you how to catch more fish. Each episode of this podcast contains interviews and tips, but neither are the main focus. Our goal is to put listeners on the water and make them laugh. If they learn a thing or two, all the better. In the first few episodes, we chase trout on a nearly frozen stream in Northern Wisconsin, check in on Great Smoky Mountains National Park after a fire tried to burn it to the ground, and swing flies for Great Lakes steelhead on Michigan's Pere Marquette River.

Each episode relates back to flyfishing, but sometimes the connection can be subtle. For example, how did the reconstruction of a dam in Kentucky affect the non-native trout below? How are the changes in the ecology of Lake Michigan affecting lake-run fish and the anglers that target them? 

We release a new episode of The DrakeCast every Friday morning. Our hope is that you listen to our show as you drive to your favorite fishing hole. If you're not able to make it out of the office that weekend, plug us in while your boss isn't looking. 

When you press play, we hope to tingle that ever-so-sensitive spot inside your ear drum.

You can subscribe to The DrakeCast via these links: iTunes, Stitcher, Soundcloud. Make sure to check back each week to see behind-the-scenes photos taken during the recording of each episode.


Big Brown Trout Chad Johnson White River The DrakeCast

"We’re chasing trophy fish and it’s hard. It shouldn’t be easy. It will kick your ass. It’s physical. Big flies hurt more when they go into you and its covering miles and miles of water. But you know, none of us got into this game because flyfishing was easy. We got into it because it was a challenge." -Steve Dally of Dally's Ozark Flyfisher talking about chasing big fish on Arkansas's White River.

The DrakeCast flyfishing podcast Hatchery Creek Bill Wilson Orvis Maven

"I really think it's important to show the public how these streams can come back so well if we just give them a chance and make them stable and design them correctly. If you build it right, the wildlife will come back." Sometimes, a stream just needs a little plastic surgery to help it get back on track. But what are the costs of these limnological face lifts? What do we have to give up in order to get those lunker bunkers and soft riffles?

The DrakeCast Flyfishing Podcast Schnitzer Dubai Sudan

"You’re going to get your ass kicked, over and over again. It's gonna tear you apart. You're sore, you're bruised, your hands are ripped apart, your shins are ripped apart. Your equipment is destroyed, but you can’t wait to go out the next morning." -Russ Schnitzer. To find out what he's talking about, check out the latest episode of The Drake's new flyfishing podcast, The DrakeCast.

Yellowstone River Sunset MSU Trout and Salmonid Collection

I met James Thull in a stuffy room on the second floor of Montana State University’s library. Shaved head, goatee, Gandhi glasses--he looks as though he just stepped off the set of a white-washed kung-fu flick from the 70s. He would have been cast as the gatekeeper of a secret-holding shrine in some mythical land. Depending on whether or not you’re into fishing, his real job might be more interesting than that of his B-movie character.

DrakeCast Flyfishing Podcast Menominee River

The other week I spoke with Charlie Piette, the fishing manager at Tight Lines Fly Fishing Co. in Green Bay, Wisconsin. And when I brought up a certain semi-secret river, he gave me this response, "Our biggest rule, for years, has been don’t name the river. We don’t talk about this river, we don’t write articles about this river. This has been what has made our business successful." So why was Charlie talking to me, a guy who works for a flyfishing magazine about this river?

Flyfishing in the dark the drakecast flyfishing podcast

Episode #6 of The Drake's new flyfishing podcast takes a darker turn. We stumble around a mosquito-filled farm field in search of bugs, beers, and big browns. We find most of them. And just a heads up, this episode contains some language that may not be suitable for all audiences. If you’re listening with kids, feel free to crank the volume and expose them to the real world.

The DrakeCast Flyfishing Podcast Cumberland River

Episode #5 of The DrakeCast takes us to a gigantic dam in the great state of Kentucky. While there, we learn about the Cumberland River that flows out of that massive wall of concrete, the trout that call that river home, and the fishermen that chase those trout. This is the story of one dam and one river, and it makes us wonder, what does this say about the future of fishing in America?

Ride with Clyde flyfishing podcast

Episode #4 of The DrakeCast traces the beginning of an infamous car's adventure from Wisconsin to Texas. We're going to Ride with Clyde. Along the way we'll meet a state trooper, a few unique motel owners, and hear some behind the scenes audio recorded on Clyde's bench seat when no one was looking. We'll also learn about The Drake Magazine's Big Year Contest.