Frustrated that The Drake Magazine only comes out four times a year? Well now there’s more. Introducing The Drake’s new weekly flyfishing podcast, The DrakeCast. Just like the magazine, we’re bringing you stories--some fun, some serious. Except this time, you don't have to read. All you have to do is press play.

There are a lot of great flyfishing podcasts out there that interview legends within the industry or tell you how to catch more fish. Each episode of this podcast contains interviews and tips, but neither are the main focus. Our goal is to put listeners on the water and make them laugh. If they learn a thing or two, all the better. In the first few episodes, we chase trout on a nearly frozen stream in Northern Wisconsin, check in on Great Smoky Mountains National Park after a fire tried to burn it to the ground, and swing flies for Great Lakes steelhead on Michigan's Pere Marquette River.

Each episode relates back to flyfishing, but sometimes the connection can be subtle. For example, how did the reconstruction of a dam in Kentucky affect the non-native trout below? How are the changes in the ecology of Lake Michigan affecting lake-run fish and the anglers that target them? 

We release a new episode of The DrakeCast every Friday morning. Our hope is that you listen to our show as you drive to your favorite fishing hole. If you're not able to make it out of the office that weekend, plug us in while your boss isn't looking. 

When you press play, we hope to tingle that ever-so-sensitive spot inside your ear drum.

You can subscribe to The DrakeCast via these links: iTunes, Stitcher, Soundcloud. Make sure to check back each week to see behind-the-scenes photos taken during the recording of each episode.


The DrakeCast Fly Fishing Podcast 44 Small Mouth Bass

In this episode of the DrakeCast we float down Wisconsin's Chippewa River in search of Midwestern, river-dwelling smallmouth bass. But what do you do if the fish just aren’t biting like they normally do? While searching for answers, we hit the water with Lucky Porter, a guide who makes a living on these fish, learn a few tips, and just thoroughly enjoy our time on the water.

Often referred to as the Rodney Dangerfield of fish, shad don't get no respect. In this episode of the DrakeCast, we head to the Potomac River in Washington DC to catch America's forgotten fish. While we're at it, we'll learn about the historic importance of the shad run, the troubles these fish have faced since the arrival of Europeans in the New World, and look at what these fish, and this river, represent in our country and our sport.

The DrakeCast Fly Fishing Podcast 42 Captain Vaughn Podmore SoCal Bassin

This episode of The DrakeCast is a two-fer, and both segments focus on the backyard bass of Southern California. We start in Long Beach Harbor with Captain Vaughn Podmore where we search for sea creatures in the shadow of lighthouses, cranes, and military helicoptors. For the second half of the episode, we head south to San Diego Bay. Both of these fisheries are incredibly accessible and it made us wonder, what other hidden gems are within major city limits across the country?

The DrakeCast Fly Fishing Podcast Dave Zoby Bighorn River

In 1998, we discovered Montana. Turns out, it had been there all along. Montana is where it all began, and also where it all nearly ended. It was summer, a high-water year, a year of thunderstorms and heat, a serious bluewing hatch, the year the river almost took us both. -Dave Zoby, taken from his Summer 2018 feature story "Eggs in Your Beer."

The DrakeCast Fly Fishing Podcast 41 The Drake Summer 2018 Two Decades of The Drake

"I knew I wanted to write ever since I was a little kid. I studied journalism in college and I've come at the magazine from the writer's perspective. I've always felt that if you make the writing and photography strong enough the rest of it will kind of take care of itself. And that's been ther M.O. for 20 years." -Tom Bie on founding The Drake Magazine, which celebrates it's 20th birthday this Summer. In this episode we hear Tom tell the tale of how the magazine started, chat about the Summer 2018 issue, and hear a dramatic reading from a featured contributor.

The DrakeCast Fly Fishing Podcast 40 Wild Brook Trout Georgia Zach Matthews

In this episode of The DrakeCast we traverse the mountains of North Georgia in search of the southern-most population of wild, native brook trout in the world. But while we’re at it, we’ll also take a trip to another fishery just down the road that claims a host world class trout. However, there is a big difference between these two places and the fish they hold. By the end of this episode, you’ll have to decide what you consider to be a trophy fish. 

The DrakeCast Fly Fishing Podcast 39 Chuck Ragan David Ragan Fathers Day

Before Chuck Ragan appeared in the 2018 F3T Film "Landsick," he was a musician, a fishing guide, and a father. But before Ragan acheived any of these titles, he was a son. This episode of The DrakeCast is a celebration of fatherhood and the outdoors. Tune in as we follow Chuck Ragan's rebellion against his father that eventually led to a deep relationship with music (Hot Water Music) and flyfishing ( 

The DrakeCast Fly Fishing Podcast 38 Striped Bass Stripers on Lake Hartwell

Though native to the coastal rivers of the Atlantic seaboard, you can now find Striped Bass in just about every state below the Mason-Dixon line. We chose to chase these creatures on Lake Hartwell which forms the border between Georgia and South Carolina. While we’re on the water we learned about the history of the area discussed whether or not this fishery is healthy. And we don’t mean that in an ecological sense; we mean in relation to our health as humans.