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With the Winter 2017 issue of The Drake Magazine on its way to fly shops and mailboxes around the world, we figured we'd chat with Tom Bie about his favorite parts of the upcoming mag. We also hear from authors Dave Karczynski and Michael Graybrook about their recently published books, Smallmouth: Modern Fly Fishing Methods, Tactics & Techniques, From Lure to Fly: Fly Fishing for Spinning and Baitcast Anglers, and Cutthroat: A Journey Through the American West.

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There’s a couple cool things in this issue, feature-wise (Argentina Brookies, Golden Bonefish, The trout of Absaroka) and news-wise (Columbia River Pound Nets, three book reviews, Pebble Mine Update, #hawgjohnson). Millions of people have seen the teaser from the BBC Blue Planet. One of the big eye catching segments in this forthcoming TV show is on Giant Trevally in the Seychelles that eat birds. There was some intenet controversy over who was responsible for helping get BBC there… I was interested in that but even more so in the film making side of it. They don’t just film wildlife that no one has ever seen in their own environment, they get them attacking their prey - just unbelievable shots.” - Tom Bie

To read the story behind that video, as well as a whole slough of other great material, make sure to check out the Winter 2017 issue of The Drake Magazine.

Smallmouth: Modern Fly Fishing Methods, Tactics & Techniques Dave Karczysnki The Drake MagazineWe also have a chat with Dave Karczynski about two books that he recently authored. 

"Growing up, I really loved the how-to genre. I was the kid in the suburbs of Chicago that was reading fishing magazines nonstop and really any books I could get my hands on and I really fell in love with that genre. So it was always a dream of mine to write a how-to book that was more than how-to book, because the great how-to books have great stories, they have unifying ideas, and they get you excited about sport." -Dave Karczynski

From Lure to Fly: Fly Fishing for Spinning and Baitcast Anglers Dave Karczynski The Drake MagazineTo purchase your own copies of Karczynski's two how-to books, follow these links: 

Smallmouth: Modern Fly Fishing Methods, Tactics & Techniques (co-authored with Tim Landwehr)

From Lure to Fly: Fly Fishing for Spinning and Baitcast Anglers



Finally, we talk to architect and author Michael Graybrook about his recently published collection of photos and essays titled, Cutthroat: A Journey Through the American WestThe book features photographs of each of the remaining 13 subspecies of cutthroat in their natural habitat. Each set of photos is accompanied by stories about how Graybrook encountered every fish - from the Coastal Cuts in Western Oregon all the way to the Rio Grand cutthroat of Colorado and New Mexico.

"Sometimes a population would get wiped out by a fire, or maybe by time I showed up there were no trout left in the watershed. So it was tough at times, but its just so beautiful out west that it just keeps you wanting to go back. It was so exciting to see a new subspecies for the first time. It was terribly exciting for me." -Michael Graybrook

Cutthroat: A Journey Through The American West Michael Graybrook The DrakeCast

This book is slated for a wide release this spring. Right now, you can purchase Cutthroat and a few selected prints through the publisher, Scott & Nix.

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