Wiley Fly Shop

Ultra remote Rainbow Lake, New York, buried deep within six million-acre Adirondack State Park, may seem an unlikely place for any business, let alone a startup flyshop. But that hasn't deterred area native Vince Wilcox, who moved his online Colorado operations east and opened Wiley's Flies in May 2008.

An excerpt from the winter/spring issue—on shelves now.

April rains are metaphysical fertilizers that pollinate your inner wuss, thus giving life to an emotional suckathon. This can threaten to close down winter steelhead season. Yet, despite few fresh upriver fish, with even fewer windows of fishable conditions, and with wet campfires that seldom aspire to more than smoke, it'd be criminal to deny April its due.

Whistler, B.C.
Whistler Flyshop Fly fishing has yet to gain traction in the wide world of Olympic-caliber "sports"—trampoline, rhythmic gymnastics, synchronized swimming, curling, ping pong, to name a few of our favorites—but that has not deterred Whistler Flyfishing owner Brian Niska from reaping rewards with the 2010 Games touching down on his home turf this week.

Image: Todd Wendel/National Geographic Television

"This," Guy Lobjoit says, with a sweep of the hand toward a tangle of reeds and dark water, "is where I was killed by a hippo last year."

The time was hard dusk, about the same as now, and the trio had just pushed through the papyrus thicket blanketing the narrow isthmus between a delicious little lagoon and the Okavango River, right about over there.

With the announcement this week by the American Fly Fishing Trade Association (AFFTA) that it would “sponsor and/or endorse and/or ignore and/or relocate an Independent Fly Fishing show in 2010,” it came as welcome news to the industry this morning that the trade group has settled on the lobby of the Rock Springs, Wyoming, EconoLodge as the location.