WOODLAND, Wash. USA - 4/09 — Allowing it to focus its staff and manufacturing facilities on its globally expanding finished fishing rod business, G.Loomis has decided to exit custom rod blank production by the end of 2009, announces Bruce Holt, executive director at G.Loomis.

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Trapper Rudd purchased Arapahoe Anglers a decade ago, and promptly renamed the fly shop in Silverthorne after Colorado's state fish. Cutthroat employs five or six shop staff at the peak of the season, along with 16 to 18 guides covering such waters as the Colorado, South Platte, Arkansas, Blue, Williams Fork, and Roaring Fork, as well as some private access areas.

Sooty OliveThese ten flies* were found hanging on a wall in central France. Whoever can tie the best replicas of these ten flies (real muskrat not necessary for Muskrat strip--but it couldn't hurt), and present them in a photo on The Drake board by July 1, will win a brand new Bauer Jr Mac reel (MSRP:$230).

"Best" will be decided by open judging among the members.

North Umpqua River, Oregon
It's been 30 years since Joe Howell opened the Blue Heron Fly Shop on the banks of Oregon's legendary North Umpqua. And sad as it is to admit for a native Oregonian, I just fished it for the very first time.

Could a venerable reelmaker become collateral damage?

Andrew Madoff

Fortune Magazine
February 2, 2009
Page 19

FLY FISHERMEN maybe the next subculture tangled up in the Madoff mess, thanks to Bernard Madoff's younger son, Andrew. As the alleged $5o billion Ponzi scheme continued to claim victims including Manhattan philanthropists, Florida retirees, and Minnesotans (see page 8o), anglers worried how its fallout might affect Abel Automatics, a California-based maker of fly-fishing gear part-owned by Andrew Madoff, 42. Andrew, like his brother, Mark, 44, worked at the separate market-making side of the family firm and frequents fly-fishing hot spots like Baja California and the Catskills...