Don Gable Merkin win

Capt. Don Gable (LTD on The Drake message board) and angler Mike Dawes recently clinched first place at the esteemed, 6th annual March Merkin permit tourney held at the Key West Harbour Yacht Club. The duo landed three fish in three days. Twenty-six guide/angler teams competed in the event, which saw a total of ten fish caught.

From "Well, it's hard to find the words to express how I feel right now after winning the 2011 March Merkin tournament. My angler Mike Dawes and I have been working hard to post a win for four years now and it has finally happened!

"Our week started with 3 days of very tough pre-fishing that produced very few shots and ZERO fish. Water temps started in the morning around 67* warming to only 70* at best during the day. Most of us like to see our starting temps at 74 warming into the high 70′s. Needless to say those cool temps made the fishing tough. But there was light at the end of the tunnel."

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